Annual Calendar

A couple of club events have also been scheduled for 2023 since the previous published version of our District Program. The files at the foot of this page have been updated. Here’s a summary of the changes:

  • Belrose — 2023 Summer Carnival on Friday 23 February 2023
  • St Ives — 2023 St Ives Fives on Tues 9 May 2023

16 December 2021

There has been one change to the District Program since it was distributed to the clubs: The date set as a “post-sectional play-off” (if needed) for Women’s Pennants has been changed from Sat 15 October to SATURDAY 17 SEPTEMBER.

The files in the links below have been updated.

30 November 2021

The District program for January 2022 – June 2022, and also July 2022 – July 2023, have been released after approval by Bowls NSW. With the move by Bowls NSW to alter the “bowling year” to coincide in future with the “financial year” 1 July-30 June, most events will now be played at a different time of year. To help you find your way around the new program, we offer Notes on the District Program 2022-23, and also a Summary of event dates — click the links below:

Bowls NSW Conditions of Play