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Despite the miserable weather, over 80 ladies enjoyed Veterans Day at Turramurra Bowling Club. As the very welcome rain tumbled down outside there were lots of fun activities organized to keep everyone entertained.  The club house looked fabulous,  with the tables decorated with pots of colour and a hint of North Shore District purple. A delicious lunch and lots of prizes for the lucky raffle winners completed a fun filled day for all who attended.  Thank you Turramurra for hosting this very popular event.





Louise Mackintosh, Michiko Treacher, Anne Coleman and Emma Brown

Well done to the North Sydney “Bearettes” team of Louise Mackintosh, Michiko Treacher, Emma Brown and Anne Coleman who won the Regional Play-off of the Weekend Pennant at Turramurra BC on Saturday 14th September.  They played the Harbord team of Linda Izossimova, Katherine Jones, Linda Warder and Jane Gibson.  It was a close game with Harbord picking up a six on the sixth end, to lead 8-7; however North Sydney came back strongly to lead 14-11 after the 10th end.  North Sydney then powered home, winning the 13th, 14th and 15th end and, despite Harbord picking up a couple of shots in the last two ends,  finally won comfortably 21-15.  North Sydney will now play in the State Play-offs to be held at the Belmont Golf Club on 2nd and 3rd November.



20190910_162928_1568099244155 (2)

State Open Pairs runners-up Jeyam Siva & Billie Maas (Belrose)

Very well done to the Belrose team of Jeyam Siva and Billie Maas, who played in the State Open Pairs play-offs at Tamworth this week and reached the final, putting up a good fight against the Raymond Terrace team of Kate Matthews and Genevieve Delves. Against the team who would have to have been the favourites in the 16-Region field, our North Shore girls started well in the strong wind on a very fast green, got their noses in front, and maintained a lead until after the 7th end. However, after dropping 4 shots on the 8th, the girls found it hard to make an impact on the Raymond Terrace duo, with Kate Matthews leading beautifully under the direction of Genevieve Delves, who was fresh from taking out a string of major titles in the last couple of months: Australian Open Pairs Champion, Australian Indoor Singles Champion, NSW Singles Champion and NSW Triples Champion. With the score at 17-7 after the 12th end, it looked as though Raymond Terrace had pretty much booked their spot in the Australian Championships. Then Jeyam and Billie won four ends in a row and narrowed the margin to just 4 shots, 13-17, with two ends remaining. However, Raymond Terrace scored 2 on the 17th. Belrose then needed 6 shots on the last end, in a bid to play an extra end. With Raymond Terrace holding shot and not enough Belrose bowls in catching positions, Billie managed to hit the jack but it failed to go out of bounds to kill the end, staying 50cm inside the boundary line. On the very fast green, a small touch on the outside of the jack would have sent the jack across to waiting Belrose bowls, giving them a glimmer of hope to add their remaining bowls to the count; but it was not to be. By the time Billie went to play her final bowls, there was still the chance of a small touch on the inside of the jack to send it out of bounds; however, her bowls fought with the wind, taking pace off them and sending them further across the rink. The resulting single shot to Belrose put the final score at 19-14 to Raymond Terrace (their smallest winning margin of the championship), and our girls came away very excited and happy State runners-up.

In the other WBNSW championship events contested by North Shore last week, the Belrose Open Fours team skipped by Benita Andrews played strongly in their opening round against Bronwyn McPherson’s team from Taren Point, going down narrowly 16-19, and the Belrose Triples team skipped by Billie Maas had a very close first round match against the Tuncurry Beach team skipped by Sarah Boddington, going down by 1 shot 15-16. All in all, a great performance by our representatives.

North Sydney Bearettes win Weekend Pennant

1 September 2019


Weekend Pennant winners North Sydney Bearettes. L-R Louise Mackintosh, Michiko Treacher, Emma Brown and Anne Coleman.


Weekend Pennant runners-up Neutral Bay Piglets. L-R Caroline Gracie, Bev Piper, Jenny Hepburn and Cynthia Palmer.

The two Section winners from the inaugural Weekend Pennant competition, Neutral Bay Piglets and North Sydney Bearettes, took to the green at Forestville on a damp and very cold morning to see which team would emerge as our District winners. There had been more than 30mm of rain overnight but North Sydney got off to a good start, finding their range on the heavy green. On the 6th end, Neutral Bay’s lead Caroline Gracie put both her bowls within a foot of the jack, bringing her team into the match. However, North Sydney took control again and, every time Neutral Bay looked like scoring, the shots were taken from them. After the 10th end, the score was 13-4 in the Bearettes’ favour. Then the Piglets mounted a come-back to be only 6 behind after the 16th, with the score at 16-10, and it was looking possible that Neutral Bay could keep the momentum going over the final two ends. However, on the 17th end there was a display of great draw bowls from every one of the North Sydney players. The Neutral Bay skip Cynthia Palmer played firm weight in a bid to get the jack back to her team’s bowls, but had the bad luck to take out her team’s best bowl; the resulting 6 shots to the North Sydney Bearettes handed them the match 22-10. With the Bearettes’ Lead, Louise Mackintosh, having only been bowling for three months, it was great to see such a new player enjoying the sport and coming out on top! The Bearettes will now take on the Manly-Warringah winners at Turramurra on 14 September to decide which team will be Region 15’s representative at the State Finals at the beginning of November.

North Shore retains the Jean McKinnon Shield

5 August 2019

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It was a cool but sunny morning at Harbord for the annual clash between the two Districts of Region 15, the Jean McKinnon Shield. After the traditional group photographs, 32 players from each of North Shore and Manly Warringah Districts took to the greens and the contest began. The extremely heavy dew had made the greens damp, and many players on both sides struggled to find the range. However, as they settled into the games, some of the North Shore teams began to build strong leads against their opponents. By the time 6 ends had been played on their rinks, District President Julie Hayden’s team was out to a 10-2 lead, and on Jan Mountain’s rink the lead was 12-5. Over on the other green, Bridget Nelson’s team had consolidated a lead of 19-2 after 10 ends, and there were only two North Shore teams behind on the scoreboard. At the conclusion of the first 15-end game, North Shore went in for lunch up 142-89. From that position, it seemed an uphill climb for Manly-Warringah; however, everyone wondered whether the momentum would shift once the delicious meal put on by Harbord WBC had been consumed. Who would the roast chicken, salads and filled sponge favour? Some of the M-W teams got off to a strong start, with Robyn Morron’s team up 6-0 and Vicki Sawtell’s team up 4-1 after a couple of ends. However, it became obvious that North Shore were determined to hang onto their lead, and whenever the Manly-Warringah players seemed to be getting an edge, North Shore wrested out bowls, trailled the jack, and kept the potential damage to a minimum. By the end of the afternoon, North Shore had lost only 1 rink, drawn 1, and won the other 6, to claim a decisive win 257-182. The day was played in great spirit, and many players had gained their first District representative selection; notable amongst them was 11-year old Taylor de Greenlaw, fresh from her success as runner-up at under-18 girls Singles at the State association-supported Drakes’ Pride Junior Carnival. We were thrilled that Taylor’s school gave her leave of absence for the day to represent North Shore in a team skipped by her mother, Jess. Well done to all players, and we look forward to next year’s rematch. Full results from alll rinks below:

Jean McKinnon results 2019

Major-Minor Pairs is on again!

Don’t forget to get your entry in for the Major-Minor Pairs! Composite teams accepted — both players must be members of a bowling club within Region 15 (North Shore and Manly-Warringah Districts). Entries close 30 August, or when filled. Major-Minor entry form 2019


Regional Play-offs



Region 15 Mixed Pairs Champions 2019 Warwick Bridge and Sue Hamilton (Turramurra)

21 July 2019

Congratulations to Turramurra’s Warwick Bridge and Sue Hamilton who today became the Region 15 Mixed Pairs champions. In the morning semi-finals, Sue’s team were up against club-mate David Blackwell and his wife Elizabeth, who plays for Neutral Bay. A four on the 3rd end of the first 5-end set gave Sue’s team a handy lead, which they were able to maintain. However, the Blackwells struck back with an emphatic victory in the second set, taking just 4 ends to win the set 9-1 and head into a 1-end tie-breaker. Sue was able to get the shot with her second bowl, and ultimately win the match.

In the other semi-final, Anne and Steve Coleman (North Sydney) took on Karen and Quentin Price (Asquith). A four on the first end set the Colemans up well, but the Price pairing got the four back again on the 3rd to keep the set alive. However, Anne and Steve won the last two ends to win the set. In the second set, the Prices were restricted to singles while the Colemans were again able to pick up a four, followed by a single and a two, to give them a straight sets win.

In the North Shore District final, Warwick and Sue were playing steady bowls to pick up two on each of the first 4 ends, giving them an unassailable lead in the first set. They went on to win the first end of the second set, but Anne and Steve started finding the range and making conversions, to win ends 2-5 and set up a one end tie-breaker. Once again, Sue made her second bowl count, and Steve wasn’t able to dislodge the shot bowl or jack, resulting in a victory for Warwick and Sue.

In the concurrent Manly-Warringah Final, Mary and Geoff Rogers from Harbord were up against their clubmate Masako Sato and husband Hank, who plays for St Johns Park. Mary and Geoff had the better feel for the slick and tricky green, and pulled off a straight-sets win.

After a break for lunch, the two District champion teams went head-to-head for the Region 15 title and a berth in the State play-offs. In the first end, Warwick continued his steady form from the morning and Sue was able to add another, giving the Turramurra pair 3 shots. Another 3 on the second end gave Turramurra a 6-0 lead over the home team, but on the 3rd end Warwick misrolled the jack, giving Mary the opportunity to roll a close-to-minimum length. However, the shorter end suited Warwick just as nicely and he drew two close bowls. Mary fought back and wrested one of Warwick’s bowls out, and Geoff later had success getting another of the Turramurra shots out, but it was still one to Turramurra, making them 7-0. In the fourth end, Geoff played the winning draw shot to get Harbord on the scoreboard, but needing a full count on the last end to tie the set. Instead, it was another 3 to Warwick and Sue to give them a decisive set win.

The second set played out differently however, with a single to each team followed by a two to each. At 3-all playing the last end, the good crowd of spectators were watching closely to see if Turramurra could win the last end to claim victory, or whether this match would also be decided in a tie-breaker. The Harbord pair were holding shot and Sue’s first bowl went long; however, she pulled out that “good second bowl” again, and drew shot about 15 inches off the jack. Geoff’s best efforts to draw the jack away missed their target, and Turramurra claimed a straight-sets victory 10-1, 4-3.

With Warwick and Sue’s win, North Shore will be represented at the State Play-Offs in 5 of the 7 championship events. (For the record: 5 of 7 in 2019; 4/7 in 2018; 4/7 in 2017; 5/7 in 2016; looking good, North Shore!)


1st Day – Open and Senior Pairs

17th July 2019

The first day of the Regional Play-offs at Forestville was a stunner with Jeyam Siva and Billie Maas from Belrose coming from behind to win the Open Pairs. Mona Vale lead Delia Geddes, with her bright yellow bowls, played some amazing shots and put our girls under pressure from the start. Billie saved multiple shots on the 8th end with a beautiful draw, but Mona Vale bounced back with 4 on next end, making the score 6-13 at the half-way mark. Belrose picked up 1 shot on the 11th end, but despite Jeyam starting with 2 great bowls on the 12th end Delia drew once again to get shot. Mona Vale’s skip, Sue McFadden, followed up with a great bowl to take the 14th end and give them a handy lead at 7-17. However it was on the 16th end that the game turned when Billie played the bowl of the match to take out shot bowl and pick up 5 shots to make the score 14-17! Belrose then scored another shot on the next end to narrow the margin to 2. The crowd was on the edge of their seats! Jeyam and Billie held their nerve and drew in four beautiful bowls on the last end and Mona Vale just couldn’t match them. The final score was 19-17 to Belrose. Congratulations Jeyam and Billie.

Regional Open Pairs Winners Jeyam Siva and Billie Maas (Belrose)

Very happy Open Pairs Regional Winners Jeyam Siva and Billie Maas from Belrose.

In the Senior Pairs, Sue Byrne and Vicki Bartrop got away to great start against the team from Seaforth, June McKeown and Peta Cass. Sue and Vicki both played consistent bowls and lead 11-6 after 11 ends. St Ives’ control of the game tightened after they picked up 4 shots after the Seaforth skip missed the jack by a whisker with her last shot on the 12th end. Sue put down some great lead bowls on 15th end, the Seaforth skip then drew shot, only to pick up the jack and take it back to the St Ives bowls with her next bowl – it just wasn’t their day! The final score was 22-7 to St Ives. Great bowling Sue and Vicki!

Regioanl Senior Pairs ]winners 2019 Sue Byrne and Vicki Bartrop (St Ives)

2nd Day – Singles and Triples

18th July 2019

Beautiful weather saw Chris Gordon from Harbord and Di McBride from St. Ives go head-to-head in the Singles Regional play-off. Chris gave all in attendance a masterclass in bowls as she shot away to an 17-4 lead. Undeterred, Di kept on drawing and eventually her patience paid off and she won four ends in a row which brought the score to 17-12. However Chris regrouped and played two magnificent ends to close the game out 25-12. Well done to both players – Chris was just too good on the day!

Region 15 Singles 2019
Region 15 Singles Champion Chris Gordon of Harbord (right) with Regional runner-up Di McBryde (St Ives)

The Triples play-off was between the team of Lorraine Hazzard, Jeyam Siva and Billie Maas of Belrose and Jan Chad, Sue Marshall and Robin Morron from Dee Why. The game was fairly evenly poised until the Belrose ladies picked up a 4 on the 10th end to go to a 16-8 lead. They then took control of the game with consistent bowling, gaining one shot at a time, and went into the 20th end 23-11. Dee Why won this end 1 shot up, but it wasn’t enough to force play to the 21st end. Belrose played the better bowls throughout the match and deserved their 23-12 win. Billie and Jeyam have now won through to the State in two events.

Regional Triples winners 2019 Lorraine Hazzard, Jeyam Siva and Billie Maas (Belrose)

3rd Day – Open and Senior Fours

19th July 2019

Harbord and Belrose fought out both the Open and Senior Fours today.

The Open Fours was a cracker of a game with the scores locked at 6 all after 9 ends, and 9-8 in Belrose’s favour after 14 ends. It remained a very low-scoring game but Belrose kept inching ahead, with the score 16-9 in favour of Belrose after 19ends. The 20th end was killed twice — first by Benita when Harbord were holding; then by Virginia when Belrose were getting the better of the replay. On the third attempt at closing out the end, Harbord scored, but a single, bringing the score to 16-10 going into the last end. Needing 6 to keep the game alive, and with nowhere to trail the jack to bring about that result, Harbord were keenly aware that only a “kill” would do! Third Susan and Skip Virginia both gave it their best, but Belrose clung onto a single shot to ultimately win 17-10. The Belrose team of Lorraine Hazzard, Kay King, Michelle Treadwell and Benita Andrews played the more consistent bowls throughout the match, and certainly deserved their magnificent win over Virginia Longfellow’s Harbord team.

This win made it a “triple” for Belrose with three of their teams off to the State play-offs (the same as they achieved in 2018). Congratulations Belrose!

Region 15 Open Fours Champions Lorraine Hazzard, Kay King, Michelle Treadwell and Benita Andrews

The Senior Fours was also a close game up until the 8th end when the score was 6-4 in Harbord’s favour, however the very strong Harbord team of Lorraine Belling, Mary Rogers, Susan McGinness and Chris Gordon then took control of the match, ultimately scoring a comprehensive win over the Belrose team of Judith Clubb, Margaret Murphy, Jeyam Siva and Billie Maas. Congratulations Harbord and well done Belrose for reaching the play-offs!


Region 15 Senior Fours winners 2019 – Harbord

Lorraine, Jeyam & Billie win District Triples

20190710_122702 (2)

Lorraine Hazzard, Jeyam Siva, Billie Maas –Triples Champions 2019

20190710_122752 (2)

Michelle Treadwell, Benita Andrews, Patricia Tan — Triples runners-up 2019

11th July 2019

Billie Maas and Jeyam Siva continued their amazing run in this year’s District events with a convincing 17-10 win with their team-mate Lorraine Hazzard yesterday at St Ives in the District Triples. Lorraine lead well throughout the match, Jeyam followed up with a very strong performance, and Billie was her usual supportive and steady skip, playing brilliant shots when needed. A great team effort! It was an all-Belrose event, with runners-up Michelle Treadwell, Benita Andrews and Patricia Tan playing some fabulous bowls during the competition to reach the final.

Billie has also been the winning skip in the District Pairs, partnered by Jeyam, and the District Senior Fours, with Jeyam playing Third. Congratulations Billie, Jeyam and all the other Belrose ladies who have been so successful this year.


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