Mosman’s fourth bowls tour was the largest yet, with 40 bowlers and 4 partners participating, and its first tour within Australia.  Mosman has previously toured to Singapore, Hong Kong and New Zealand!  They were hosted in Perth by the Dalkeith/Nedlands, Mosman Park and Manning Bowling Clubs, and each provided warm and generous hospitality, well beyond  expectations! The 3 clubs were all different, so provided a variety of experiences for the Mosman bowlers.

While the bowls was enjoyable, the competition was hot and the visitors fully appreciated the skills and strength of the Perth clubs. Dalkeith/Nedlands is now planning a return bout in Mosman next April!

District Christmas Party




Warrawee Bowling Club hosted the District Christmas Party on Monday 4th December.  It was a lovely day and provided an opportunity for District Officials, and Club Presidents, Secretaries and Delegates to catch up in a relaxed atmosphere at the end of their busy year.  Warrawee were wonderful hosts and managed to provide us with a delicious lunch despite a minor hiccup – no water available in the club due to a burst pipe!  

Merry Christmas 





Jenny Palmer at the Night of Champions

Jenny Palmer was awarded the CLUB OFFICIAL OF THE YEAR  Award at the Women’s Bowls New South Wales Night of Champions held on Thursday 23 November at Bankstown.  This award recognizes Jenny’s outstanding contribution for her coaching, umpiring and giving back to the sport by donating time and effort to ensure that bowls is run well, and is fair and equitable to all.  Congratulations Jenny!  The North Shore District is very proud of Jenny’s achievement and also greatly values her contribution as a District Selector.


All the Award winners




Versatility 2017 winners Asquith were presented with the trophy by Joan Hodge.

Ten clubs participated in the District’s annual Versatility “Friendship Day”, held on Friday 10 November. This end-of-year event was held at St Ives BC, whose clubhouse renovations are really taking shape. When the teams arrived for the day, the room took on a decidedly purple hue, with the players really getting into the spirit of displaying the District colour; the jacarandas surrounding the greens were also in full bloom, adding more purple to the scene. Winners of the trophy, donated many years ago to one of our “ancestor districts” by Joan Hodge, were the District’s newest members Asquith, who were given a very warm welcome by the other clubs. The competition for “most fun-dressed” was even more intense than the bowls matches, and at the end of the day a panel of judges was treated to a parade by each team. With the judges divided about the winner, President Billie decided the casting vote should go to Joan Hodge, which resulted in Team St Ives being awarded the prize for outfits which proved they could “fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee”. What a day of friendship … it’s hard to imagine it could be topped next year!

2017-11-11 21.42.40

St Ives, winners of the prize for “most fun-dressed”



North Shore DWBA is indebted to the firm of Manser Tierney & Johnston for once again auditing our financial affairs free of charge. The firm’s generosity to our District through being our Honorary Auditor helps to keep District membership fees low for our members. Please show your support to MTJ when you need advice or services relating to taxation of Self Managed Superannuation. Click here to access the MTJ website.

Manser Tierney & Johnston - Chartered Accountants and Wealth Management on Sydney's North Shore


On Saturday 21 October, 84 bowlers took to the greens at Roseville BC for the last day of play at the club. Present Roseville bowlers were joined by former club members and members of the neighbouring Lindfield BC for a happy day of bowls and a celebratory cake.  From next week, the Roseville members will be playing at Lindfield, ahead of the formal merger of the two clubs which in future will be known as the “Lindfield Rollers”.


This competition  (formerly known as “Regional Weekend Challenge”) is not a District event, but is open to bowlers from North Shore clubs as well as players from other areas. The 2018 event will commence on 28 April. Click here for more information. 


Anita Linden 2017

North Shore District President Billie Maas and Manly/Warringah District President Jan Sutherland proudly hold the Anita Linden Trophy won by Region 15

The annual Anita Linden Trophy was held on Monday 25th September 2017 at Asquith Bowling Club in extremely windy and trying conditions.  North Shore and Manly/Warringah brought their finest bowlers to represent Region 15 against the Macquarie, Mitchell, and Northern Suburbs Districts representing Region 16.  Region 15 got off to a wonderful start, winning seven of the eight morning matches with an aggregate score of 129 versus 82! The conditions deteriorated after lunch with a cold blustery wind sweeping across the greens and Region 16 came back strongly with some decisive wins.  Fortunately our ladies held fast and managed a 118 to /109 score in the afternoon rounds to take out the Anita Linden with an overall score of 247/191 – a great effort!  Congratulations to all players and officials and also thanks to Asquith Bowling Club for hosting this event.  Full results are available  here: Anita Linden Trophy



District Presidents : Evelyn Redaelli (Macquarie), Eileen Bromley(Northern Suburbs) Billie Maas (North Shore) Jan Sutherland (Manly/Warringah) Toni Pollock(Mitchell)



Guide dog Pedro trying to keep warm in a NSW jacket in the icy weather at the Blind Bowlers State Championships at Soldiers Point

Pedro’s master Fred Pomroy and North Shore bowler Sandy White won the silver medal in the mixed pairs at the Blind Bowlers State Titles held at Soldiers point on the weekend of 18th and 19th August. Fred is B1 totally blind and he led beautifully.  Fred’s director is Pat Pierson from Roseville and Sandy’s director is Helen Stromsmoe from Gordon.  The blind bowlers couldn’t be involved without these wonderful people who volunteer to helps them and give of their time and knowledge so willingly.

The weekend of 19 and 20 th August was a challenging one for the bowlers with straight bowls and jacks with a bias ….just for a change! Howling winds, hats blown away, mats blown away, people blown backwards and birds even flying in one place going nowhere.
AND COLD – the blue state uniforms slowly but surely disappeared under extra layers of “any colour  layer will do” . That was on the outside ! Sunday was colder than Saturday so pyjamas under their uniforms apparently became the order of the day, OR anything else they could find – beanies, earmuffs, balaclavas scarves, bowls cloths . ANYTHING to add to the ” attire ” for warmth.  They might be blind and / or vision impaired but they  sure are tough !!!
Guide dog Pedro was even given a state jacket to wear and he soon warmed up.
Guide dog Riley stayed indoors with the carer, but not Pedro, he wants to be with his master..always.

Everyone had a great weekend of fun, laughter and friendships,  catching up with everyone from all over NSW.  The volunteers from Soldiers Point were unbelievable helping with everything, from standing on the green freezing with us, marking, to organizing lunches, morning  and afternoon teas ,and even hot chicken soup which was wonderful.

If you are a current bowler who has failing vision don’t give up,  join their group, or encourage someone you know who is vision impaired to take up bowls as they really do have such fun, and bowls is only a small part of a group of great  people. ..
Look out for a ” come and try ” day at a club near you, or  email Sandy White. sandra.white38@bigpond.comPresident blind bowls NSW /ACT.








On a second sunny, windless day at Chatswood BC in 23 August, the North Shore District champions in the Pairs (both Open & Senior) took on the Manly-Warringah champions to determine which teams would progress to the State play-offs in October. In the Open Pairs, Elizabeth Blackwell & Jenny Palmer  (Neutral Bay) were hoping to repeat their success of the previous day when they had won the Triples RPO. In a fine contest against Masako Sato & Virginia Longfellow (Harbord), there was only one multiple scored in the first 8 ends, with the scoreboard showing 3-6 to Neutral Bay (thanks to Elizabeth being effective with draw bowls and weighted conversions in equal measure). Then on the 9th end, with no bowls very close to the jack, Harbord picked up 3 to level the score. Scores were still level after 11 ends: 7-7. Another 3 to Harbord on the 12th saw the visitors take the lead for the first time since the 3rd end, followed by consecutive 2’s to increase their lead to 14-7. On the 15th end, Virginia got a favourable slide off a short bowl to contact the jack and be lying 3-up, then drew an excellent fourth. However, Jenny’s last-bowl drive scattered the lot, and The Bay picked up a single to keep their supporters’ hopes alive:  8-14 with 3 ends to play. On the 16th and 3-down, Elizabeth once again drew the shot — Virginia outdrew it but Jenny took the shot again immediately:  1 to The Bay. Down on the head on the 17th, Jenny fired up again to draw the jack away from Harbord’s bowls and pick up 2: 14-11 going into the last end and the crowd was really excited! Things were looking good for Neutral Bay on the final end until Harbord’s skip drew to an inch behind jack. Despite two attempts by Elizabeth to draw the jack off, and two by Jenny to drive it off, the head remained as it was, with Harbord the happy winners 15-11.

Meanwhile, another Neutral Bay team (Brenda Walker & Gill Barton) was doing battle against Dee Why’s Benita Andrews and Robyn Morron in the Senior Pairs (3-bowl). All the way through the match, it was anybody’s game:  6-all after 5; 9-all after 10. A lovely draw from Benita with her last bowl set up the 11th end for Dee Why, with Robyn adding 2 more to take the lead 12-9. Gill’s contact with the jack on the 12th saw The Bay holding 3 to potentially level the scores again, but their hopes were dashed when Dee Why’s skip moved the jack once more for shot. After the 14th end, Dee Why had extended their lead to 15-10 with 4 ends remaining. That provoked a fight-back! Brenda and Gill played tighter bowls over the following two ends, scoring 3 on each, to get to the lead 16-15. But a 2 to Dee Why on the 17th sent the home team into the last end 1 behind. Benita’s opening bowl, a toucher, sat 6 inches from the jack. Brenda couldn’t beat it with her first bowl but, with her second, trailled the jack and sat close for shot, which would draw the match. However, after Gill accidentally tapped her own team’s shot slightly away, the outcome looked uncertain. 1 to NB for a draw? 2 to NB for a win?  Or 1 to DY for them to take the match?? The umpire was called. Result: 1 to Neutral Bay, 17-17 and an extra end required to break the tie. Neutral Bay won the toss, rolled the jack to the T, but lost their first bowl into the ditch. From that point, the jack got moved and “shot” was traded a few times, until Gill drew past the crowd of bowls to lie closest. With the front of the head tightly clustered by this stage, Robyn played her last bowl with weight but it went straight through to the ditch and Neutral Bay emerged as winners: 18-17 on an extra end!!

The previous day, our Singles and Triples champions took on the Manly-Warringah champions (all from Harbord) in sunny and calm conditions at Chatswood on 22 August, and emerged victorious. In the Singles, Julie Hayden (Mosman) played Masako Sato  (Harbord). Julie and Masako both made a steady start to be 5-all after 8 ends. Masako got in front for the first time on the next end, but Julie found the length and added 10 shots over the next 5 ends to lead 15-7. Despite a single to Masako, Julie looked in control and picked up a pair of 2’s to extend her lead to 19-8. Masako then tightened up her game and on the 20th end was holding a full count of 4 which, if she had held it, would have placed her only 4 behind. However, Julie targeted the jack with her last bowl and took it back to claim a 3 and move to 22-11. Undeterred, Masako played immaculate draw bowls over the following 6 ends to claim 9 shots and trail by only 2, 20-22. Over the remaining ends it was an arm-wrestle, with Julie cutting down potential multiples and, in return, seeing a match-winning lie saved by Masako on consecutive ends. With the score 24-21 to Julie and Masako holding 2 close shots, Julie managed to trail the jack to hold match once again. This time, Masako’s last bowl pulled up short to put Julie through to the State play-offs at Taren Point in October. Final score: 25-21.

In the Triples contest Elizabeth Blackwell, Jenny Palmer and Jenny Hepburn  (Neutral Bay) took on Jan Newell, Gwen Dessaix (sub for L Belling) and Chris Gordon (Harbord). Harbord looked to always have a slight edge over The Bay, and were up 9-3 after 7 ends. However a fight-back by Neutral Bay put them only 2 behind: after 11 ends, 10-8 to Harbord. But a 6 to Harbord on the 12th end put them firmly in front, and with only 4 ends to play the score stood at 17-10 in Harbord’s favour. But Neutral Bay then picked up 1, 4 & 2 to make the scoreboard very tidy:  17-17 on 17 ends!! With the enthusiastic spectator gallery on the edge of their seats, Elizabeth put her opening bowl within a foot of the jack. Jan’s first bowl lay 1 metre short, and both Leads put their second bowls a little over a metre behind. With Jan’s last bowl also in a prime “catching position” behind, the Neutral Bay supporters showed their appreciation when Jenny Palmer’s opening bowl wedged itself firmly between the two Harbord bowls. Harbord’s second, Gwen, played her first bowl with conviction, sat out Elizabeth’s best bowl and stayed for shot but Jenny struck back immediately, with a wick off the only short bowl sending her in a foot behind jack: 1 to the Bay. The Harbord skip, Chris Gordon, played weight but her first bowl went through to the ditch without contact. Jenny Hepburn’s second bowl looked an effective blocker, so Chris dropped the weight and made gentle contact with Harbord’s closest bowl, but with no change to the situation. After inspecting the head, Jenny Hepburn went to the mat and calmy drew another shot just in front of the jack. Lying match-down and with only one bowl remaining, it was Chris’s turn to inspect the head, with advice offered by all members of her team. When she played the bowl, it was a beauty and held its line to find the jack. In a piece of bad luck, the jack ricocheted off a bowl and rebounded more than 2 metres forward, leaving Jenny’s blocker as the closest bowl!  Final score: 19-17, so the Neutral Bay team is also bound for the State Play-offs in October. Regional Representaive Jan Sutherland presented medallions to the winners after the games.


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