Summer League starts in North Shore District week-commencing 19 October. See “Events

Summer League is a WBNSW competition played between October and January. It’s 2-bowl Triples, 15 ends. Teams are limited to no more than one player who played Grades 1 or 2 Pennant in the past two years. Composite teams are allowed, but all players have to be affiliated with WBNSW through a club in North Shore District. Entries close with the District on 8th October 2020. Please read the Conditions of Play carefully before entering, then complete and email Page 1 of the entry form to the District Secretary.


10 September 2020

Turramurra WBC has advised that the Veteran’s Day, which was to be held for members of North Shore District, will not be held on Thursday 15 October as planned. It has been postponed until further notice.

4 September 2020

Provided the current restriction on District, Region and State-level competition is lifted after 20 September, here are the new dates for the remaining events:

  • District Singles Final — Tuesday 6 October. Venue: Forestville RSL
  • District Triples — Monday 12 & Tuesday 13 October
  • Regional Play-Offs for all Championships — Monday 19 – Wednesday 21 October
  • “Rain date” for RPOs — Thursday 22 October
  • State Play-Offs for all 2020 Championships — 2 – 10 February 2021, at Club Malua

Click below for the revised District schedule:



18 August 2020

On advice from WBNSW on 18 August, all District Championships and Regional Play-offs are postponed from 19 August for a minimum of 6 weeks. WBNSW has also announced that the State Champion of Club Champions events have been postponed, to a date yet to be decided. The Weekend Pennant has been cancelled altogether for 2020.

State Pennants cancelled

2 August 2020

WBNSW has announced that the State Pennant play-offs will not go ahead for 2020, which has lead North Shore District to abandon any further Pennant play this year. At this stage, the State Association is still proceeding with the championship events, Weekend Pennant and Summer League. you can view the updated District program here:


3 July 2020

With the return to competitive bowls (but with continuing “social distancing” and hygiene precautions”), Women’s Bowls NSW is proceeding with the Pennant Season for 2020, as well as the State Championships, Weekend Pennants, Summer League, Champion of Club Champions Singles and Champion of Club Champions Pairs. View the revised District Program under “Events” and the revised schedule for each Pennant Grade under “Draws/Results”)

COVID-19 update

1 July 2020

Bowls competitions have been given the go-ahead and the limit of 4 players per rink has been lifted, enabling a restart of club, District and State championships, etc. There are still health requirements that must be met. See the announcement from the State Associations below:

District Secretary  –  farewell Angela; welcome Loyce

Retiring Secretary Angela Little
Loyce Davis

After four years as District Secretary, Angela Little has stepped down from the role and Loyce Davis has been appointed to fill the “casual vacancy”. Angela had made known that she wouldn’t seek re-election this year; however, with the Covid-19 restrictions casting doubt on whether the District AGM can go ahead as scheduled on 27 July, Angela has elected to step out of the role now, to give her prospective successor time to settle in while we’re (patiently?) waiting for organised bowls to resume. Angela has done an outstanding job in this very demanding role, and has kept us on track during some challenging times.  Although most members will have to wait for weeks or months to be able to thank Angela in person, President Julie has visited Angela from an “appropriate social distance” to present her with a lovely floral “thank-you” on behalf of us all.

Meanwhile Loyce Davis, from Mosman WBC, has been appointed as District Secretary and intends nominating for the position when the AGM comes around. Loyce is no stranger to administration, having spent her working life as Executive/Personal Assistant to Professors and Heads of the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at the University of NSW. Before taking up bowls, she played A-Grade netball, served on the Executive Committee of the Northern Suburbs Netball Association, was elected to the Netball NSW Board where she was Minute Secretary, and was on the Netball NSW Umpires Committee. Loyce is currently Chair of Match at Mosman and will continue in that position.

Isolation Entertainment

Have you worked through your “to do list” and need some distraction in this prolonged isolation?  The Membership Director of Mosman Bowling Club has shared with us a list of lots of interesting “free stuff” available online: Isolation entertainment. 

If you have other sites you would like to share, or some news/tips for our bowling community, use the “Contact Us” Tab on this website to send a link or information. (If you want to send us a photo, message us using the “Contact Us” Tab and we’ll reply with the email address for the webmaster.)

Meanwhile keep up your exercise, to stay fit for bowls as soon as we’re allowed back on the greens.

Update on the District Triples and Singles 

13 April 2020

With registered clubs still closed across the country, there is still no prospect of us getting back to bowls in the near future. The District has therefore advised clubs that the entry deadlines for the remaining championship events (Triples and Singles) have been abandoned. You can read the announcement here: Triples and Singles postponement

Women’s Bowls NSW is currently gathering data from all Districts on which championship events had been completed, and the number of rounds played in each Pennant grade. If WBNSW should advise us that the championship program is to be completed this year, the District will set dates for playing the Triples and Singles and start the entry process afresh.


17 March 2020

The Bowls community across Australia has been working on a response to the COVID-19 situation in recent days. Today, the Boards of Women’s Bowls NSW and Bowls NSW held a teleconference and have issued a joint statement, announcing the immediate suspension of all organised bowls events until further notice,  i.e. Pennants, State/District and Club championships, tournaments and also social bowls.  You can read the announcement here: C7_-2020_Joint-Circular-with-WBNSW_COVID-17-23

Mixed Pairs Champions

8 March 2020

2020-03-08 171384066765..jpg
Anne and Steve Coleman (North Sydney)

Congratulations to Anne and Steve Coleman (North Sydney) who today won the 2020 Mixed Pairs Championships, then went on to take out the Region 15 title and book a berth at the State Play-Offs in August at South Tamworth.   Anne and Steve started the day with a District semi-final against Karen and Quentin Price (Asquith), which was a rematch from last years semi-finals, taking out that match in straight sets 6-4, 6-4.  In the other semi-final, Karen Lees and Garry Bradbury (Belrose) took on Midori Matsuoka (Neutral Bay) and Kenta Teacher (North Sydney). That match looked to belong to Midori and Kenta after the first set, which they won 9-1; however, Karen and Garry stuck to their game and took the second set 4-1, setting up a tie-breaker. One shot to Midori and Kenta secured them the win.

The District final, Midori and Kenta claimed the first set 4-2; however, Anne and Steve fought back strongly and, even with Kenta killing the 4th end, held their opponents to nil to take the set 8-0. Midori and Kenta had the mat for the tie-breaker, but after the leads had played their three bowls, Anne was holding shot and also had the best back bowl. Kenta’s last drive missed its target, delivering the win to Anne and Steve.

Meanwhile, in the Manly-Warringah matches played concurrently at Belrose, the semi-finals saw Annie Bowen and Allan Old (Manly) defeat Mary and Geoff Rogers (Harbord) 10-2, 5-5 and Brian and Chris Gordon (Harbord) defeat Trevor Beale and Delia Geddes 5-4, 4-3. The M-W final went to Brian and Chris Gordon in straight sets, 6-3, 6-3.

The Region 15 Play-Off was an excellent match, with great bowls from all four competitors and the advantage switching frequently each end. However, the Colemans carried off a decisive first set win with only four ends played; 11-3.  At the start of the second set, Steve asked Anne to place the mat at the “T” and roll the jack where she liked; she then drew within 20cm of the jack, but Brian moved it aside to sit 15cm in front. Anne’s last bowl picked up the jack, sending it and her bowl into the ditch, although over 1.5 metres apart. Steve drew a second shot 75cm from the ditch and, with Chris’s bowls running through to the ditch the Colemans picked up 2 shots. In the second end, the Gordons were holding a very close shot until Chris’s last bowl sent one of the Colemans’ bowls up and onto the shot bowl. A calliper measure by the umpire was unable to separate them, resulting in no score to either team. With the Colemans holding in the third end, Chris’s last bowl killed the end, giving the Gordons 2 shots on the respot; 2-all after 3 ends. One shot to Harbord on the fourth end meant the North Sydney pair needed one shot on the last end to draw the set and claim the match. It was a tussle, but Anne and Steve scored 2 shots for victory. We wish them all the best for the State Play-Offs in August.

2020 Fours and Senior Fours Champions

Fours champions 2020
Fours Champions 2020: Elaine Seidler, Jenny Palmer, Kate Wingrove and Jenny Hepburn (Neutral Bay)

In the final of the Open 4’s played at Warringah on 26 February, the Neutral Bay team of Elaine Seidler, Jenny Palmer, Kate Wingrove and Jenny Hepburn took on the Turramurra team of Jan Martin, Anne Webb, Jenny Wallis and Sue Hamilton. After 9 ends, The Bay were up 9-6 then, despite a great shot from Turramurra’s skip, they picked up another 2 and then, with some good draw bowling a further 2, to extend the lead to 13-6 after 11 ends. However, great bowling by the Turramurra team saw the margin narrowed to just 2 after 15 ends – 13-11. Great bowls by Sue brought Turramurra to only 1 behind after 16, with the score at 13-12. However, a 2 and then a 4 to Neutral Bay gave them a 7-shot lead after 18 ends. Sue Hamilton played amazing bowls all day; however her team was only picking up singles and it ultimately wasn’t enough to prevent history to Neutral Bay 22-13. Well done to Elaide Seidler and Kate Wingrove who played beautifully all day to achieve their first District championship title.

Senior Fours Champions 2020
Senior Fours Champions 2020 Lorraine Fevre, Michelle Treadwell, Louise Hamshere and Patricia Tan (Belrose)

The Senior Fours Final was an all-Belrose affair, with the teams of Judith Clubb, Angela Little, Jeyam Siva and Billie Maas pitted against club-mates Lorraine Fevre, Michelle Treadwell, Louise Hamshere and Patricia Tan. Patricia’s team had come off a huge win in the semi-final, and looked to be picking up where they had left off; after 6 ends they were out to a 9-2 lead. On the 7th end, Patricia’s team were holding four when the skips went to the mat. Billie managed to rub off one of the front bowls to draw inside the opponents to take shot; however, Patricia had last bowl and found a way through the traffic to wrest out Billie’s bowl and stay, for a count of 5 and a 14-2 lead on the scoreboard. This set the tone for the match, with all four of Patricia’s team playing strongly and denying their opponents the shots time and again. Final score: 23-9, and two more first-time champions in Lorraine (who has only been playing for 18 months) and Louise.

Full results from all rounds of the Open and Senior events under “Draws/Results”.

2020 District Pairs Champions

16 February 2020

Open Pairs Champions 2020
2020 Open Pairs Champions – L-R Louise Amos (skip) and Ngoc Hau (Killara)

The semi-finals and finals of both the Open and Senior Pairs were held at Lindfield Rollers today. After a lot of wet and wild weather in February, we were blessed with a fine weekend for this first championship of the year. On Saturday, at both West Pymble for the Open Pairs and at Asquith for the Senior, there were some “upsets” in the early rounds, which brought some new faces into today’s semi’s. The matches in the Open saw Neutral Bay vs Neutral Bay and Killara vs Killara! The Neutral Bay match went down to the wire, with Maggie Jay and Midori Matsuoka eventually overcoming Belinda Henderson and Elaine Seidler 16-14. In the Killara match, Ngoc Hau and Louise Amos dominated the game against their newer club-mates Anne Rands and Julie Dunn from start to finish, but the match was notable for the great spirit in which is was played; final score 24-11. The Final between Killara and Neutral Bay was a real arm-wrestle, with neither team ever getting more than a shot or two ahead of the other. Maggie and Midori held a one-shot lead going into the last end, but a two to Killara saw Ngoc and Louise take out the title 17-16.

In the Senior Pairs semis, Lee Eastaugh and Cynthia Palmer (Neutral Bay) got off to a great start against the Belrose team of Lorraine Fevre and Michelle Treadwell, and built steadily on their score from there. The Belrose team made a late charge, but had left their run too late, with the final score 24-19 to The Bay. The other semi was the “battle of the ‘subs'”, with both teams’ leads having been substituted out for the finals day. Brenda Walker (subbing for Pam Cole) and Gill Barton of Neutral Bay began well against Jan Woodcock (subbing for Shizuko Hashimoto) and Di McBryde, but Jan’s experience at this level of competition saw her put in a very consistent performance which started to take its toll on the opposition. With Di backing her up well, the St Ives pair drew away to win 18-11. In the Seniors Final, the St Ives pair kept up their consistent form to build their lead to 11 shots with only 4 ends to go. It looked as though they had their grasp on the trophy, and even dropping a 5 on the second-last end couldn’t stop them from taking out the title, 23-16.

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