12 November 2022

Well done to our North Shore teams who took out the Region 15 wins in both the State Women’s Triples and Senior Women’s Triples at Pittwater Memorial today. The green was beautifully prepared (although quick enough to be quite a challenge) for our two Regional Play-Offs which were played alongside the Zone 9 final of the Open Reserve Triples (won by the Asquith team skipped by Wayne Morris).

In the State Women’s Triples, the Belrose team of Suzi Fischer, Julie Baker and Billie Maas made the better start against Seaforth’s Peta Cass, Lynn O’Grady and Trisha Eckford, leading 7-0 after 6 ends. On the 7th end, with Seaforth holding a multiple to get on the board, the Belrose skip trailed the jack to be up 3-and-a-measure. Seaforth skip Trisha then drew shot, but Billie trailed the jack through to the ditch for a count of 5, taking the score to 12-0 after 7 ends, and then 15-0 after 8. Seaforth picked up 3 to get on the board, but Belrose took that 3 straight back and continued on their way, to be leading 25-4 before Seaforth put together a string of 5 scoring ends, bringing the score to 25-11 with 5 ends to go. Consecutive singles to Belrose saw the match closed out at 28-11.

In the Senior Women’s Triples, the game also started with a run of single-shot ends, with Harbord’s Linda Warder, Mary Rogers and Chris Gordon up 3-1 over the St Ives team of Sue Byrne, Bev Barton and Di McBryde after 4 ends. But 5 consecutive scoring ends to St Ives saw them in the lead 7-3, and the score remained in St Ives’s favour by a handful of shots for the remainder of the game. Harbord tried to peg it back in the closing stages of the game, but the St Ives team restricted them to singles and claimed victory 18-14.

Our Regional champions now progress to the State Play-Offs, to be held in late July 2023.

Women’s Triples finalists S Fischer, J Baker & B Maas (Belrose) with P Cass, L O’Grady and T Eckford (Seaforth)


8 November 2022

Senior Triples Champions Sue Byrne, Bev Barton and Diane McBryde (St Ives)

The Senior Women’s Triples enjoyed great weather at St Ives on 7 & 8 November. Conditions on the opening day were tricky, with the fast green and a gusty wind. By the end of the day we had the semifinalists decided, with Dawn Spinks’s team from Neutral Bay set to take on Di McBryde’s team from St Ives, and the other semi an all-Mosman clash — Julie Hayden’s team versus De Brown’s team.

In Tuesday’s semi-finals, St Ives posted a convincing win over Neutral Bay 27-17, and Julie Hayden’s team got the better of their club-mates 29-17. In the afternoon’s final, the St Ives team continued the form they had been in all championship, with Lead Sue Byrne consistently on or around the jack, and second Bev Barton and skip Di McBryde backing hger up well. After 9 ends, St Ives were dominating to lead 17-1. Mosman then won the next 5 ends with modest scores, to creep up to 8-17, only to see St Ives increase their lead on the scoreboard to 21-8 after 17 ends and look decidedly on their way to victory. However, the Mosman team of Robyn Novakovich, Denise Owen and Julie Hayden kept up the fight, and had the spectators on the edge of their seats as the St Ives margin steadily slipped away. Going into the final end, there were only three shots in it, and after the skips’ first bowls Mosman was holding 2 of the 3 shots they needed to force an extra end. Skip Julie did her best to move the jack back and bring more of her team’s bowls into the count; when her bowl just missed the target, the St Ives supporters breathed a sigh of relief and skip Di elected not to play her last bowl. Final score: 23-22.

Our State Women’s Triples & Senior Women’s Triples champions will take on the Manly-Warringah champions in the Regional Play-Off this Saturday morning at Pittwater Bowling Club.

Runners-up Robyn Novakovich, Denise Owen & Julie Hayden (Mosman) at left, with champions Sue Byrne, Bev Barton & Diane McBryde (St Ives).


30 October 2022

North Shore District Triples Champions Suzi Fischer, Julie Baker & Billie Maas (Belrose)

The State Women’s Triples in North Shore District was played in fabulous weather over the weekend. After Rounds 1 & 2 yesterday, the semi-finalists took to the greens this morning. One was an “all Belrose” affair, with Judy Clubb, Anne Vaccarella & Lynne Newland taking on Suzi Fischer, Julie Baker & Billie Maas. After 4 ends Billie’s team was up 10-2 and continued to dominate on the green from that point on, taking out the match 36-11. The other semi between Elaine Seidler, Kate Wingrove & Jenny Hepburn (Neutral Bay) and Susie Meares, Ngoc Hau & Louise Amos (Lindfield Rollers) was close-fought all the way. Neutral Bay got the better start, leading 11-4 after 11 ends. However, a string of multiples to Lindfield Rollers saw the Rollers up 14-11 after 15. It continued as an arm-wrestle from that point. In the final end, Lindfield was up 22-20 and holding match, until Neutral Bay skip Jenny killed the end. When the end was replayed, Neutral Bay’s Lead and Second played match-winning bowls. The Lindfield Rollers skip didn’t convert with her first but, when she played her final bowl, she navigated the Bay’s blocker to arrive on the shot bowl and nick the jack across to her own team’s bowl to claim the match.

When the Final got underway in the afternoon, the breeze had strengthened and the green got even faster, which suited the Belrose team better than Lindfield. The Rollers got a single on the first end, but after 6 ends it was 9-1 to Belrose. Three scoring ends for Lindfield Rollers put them back in contention, at 5-9; however, Belrose took the next 5 ends to increase their lead to 17-5 after 14 ends, then 26-7 after 20. Final score: 29-10.

Good luck to our District champions in the Region 15 Play-Off, to be played at Pittwater at 9.00am on Saturday 12 November.

District triples finalists Suzi, Julie, Billie, Susie, Ngoc & Louise


16 October 2022

Congratulations to the Pennant sides who were victorious in the Region 15 Pennant Play-Offs at Belrose this morning. North Shore and Manly Warringah Districts shared the honours, with two Divisions from each District going through to the State Play-Offs in November. Results were:

Div 1: Neutral Bay defeated Harbord, 46-40

Div 2: Dee Hwy def. Lindfield Rollers, 42-36

Div 3: Mosman def. Manly, 36-34

Div 4: Seaforth def. Warrawee, 43-40.

Good luck to all our Region 15 bowlers for the State Play-Offs 18-20 November.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20221016_134659.jpg
Region 15 Division 2 winners Dee Why
Region 15 Division 3 winners Mosman
Region 15 Division 4 winners Seaforth


The Draws and Conditions of Play for the State Women’s Triples and Senior Women’s Triples at District level are available under “Draws/Results”

Regional Pairs winners 2022-23

25 September 2022

Congratulations to Virginia Longfellow and Chris Gordon (Harbord) on being our Region 15 State Pairs winners, and to Coral Lindley and Vicki Sawtell (Newport) on winning the Region 15 Senior Women’s Pairs.

The matches resumed under brilliant blue skies at Belrose this morning — a dramatic contrast to the conditions yesterday afternoon when games had begun but only a handful of ends played when a thunderstorm hit. Play restarted today with Harbord ahead in the State Pairs 7-5, and Newport ahead 5-1 in the Seniors.

Playing against Kate Wingrove and Jenny Hepburn (Neutral Bay), the Harbord pair started with a four, establishing a handy lead at 11-5. Neutral Bay struck back to narrow the margin to two at 9-11, but Virginia and Chris were never behind on the scoreboard. They were up 20-10 after 15 ends but Kate and Jenny picked up six shots over the following three ends to trail by only four after 18, sharpening the interest of the large crowd of spectators. After a single apiece, the margin was still four going into the last end. It was a nail-biting finish to the game, with Neutral Bay scoring three to fall one shot short of pushing the match into an extra end. Final score: Harbord 21 – Neutral Bay 20.

In the Senior Women’s Pairs, Coral and Vicki got two shots on the opening end; then their opponents Jenny Wallis and Bridget Nelson (Turramurra) won the next five ends, to be in the lead 11-7 at the half-way mark. However, Coral and Vicki put together a string of four ends to regain the lead 14-11 and they kept the momentum going to close out the match. Final score: Newport 21 – Turramurra 14.

The Regional winners will compete at the State Play-Offs in July 2023.

2022-23 Pennant presentations

25 September 2022

The North Shore District Divisions 2, 3 & 4 Pennants have been presented to the winning clubs, and the players received their badges. Members of Mosman’s winning team from the “Fives” competition were also presented with their trophy. Check out the happy smiles all around!

Division 2 Lindfield Rollers: Lap Chen, Janice Crocker, Marlene Black, Julie Dunn, Louise Amos, Anne Rands, Jenny Rowland, Sue Meares, Lee Gardiner, Ngoc Hau
Division 3 Mosman: District President Sue with Carolyn Duhigg, Tosh Czinege, Trish Tamaoki, Jeyam Siva, Edwina Legg, Barbara Anderson, Rosemary Dale, Lyn Armstrong
Division 4 Warrawee: District President Sue with Valda Riley, Agrita Fraser, Helen Stromsmoe, Jan Simpson, Annie Lui, Julie McIntyre, Jan Braund, Peg Fabro, Soe O’Keefe

Senior Pairs Champions 2022-23

20 September 2022

Senior Pairs Champions Bridget Nelson and Jenny Wallis

The 2022-23 State Women’s Senior Pairs at District level has been won by Jenny Wallis and Bridget Nelson (Turramurra), with the runners-up Belinda Henderson and Cynthia Palmer (Neutral Bay).

Both teams in the final had progressed through the semi-finals in fairly close contests: Belinda and Cynthia were 9-all after 13 ends against the Turramurra team of Jan Martin and Marilyn Brenner, until successive 3s have the Neutral Bay team an advantage which they were able to maintain, taking out the game 19-14. In the other semi-final, Jenny and Bridget led all the way against the Lindfield Rollers team of Lap Chen and Sue Meares but the game could have turned on the 17th end when the Rollers were holding a handful of shots which could have put them in front, only to see Bridget’s last bowl skirt around the traffic in front of the head and up to the jack, trailing it just under a foot and staying for shot. Lindfield still clawed back the margin over the closing ends of the game, falling just short with Turramurra winning 16-14.

In the final, Turramurra made a strong start, getting their lead out to 11-1 after 7 ends and never being under pressure, emerging worthy winners 25-6.

Our Senior Pairs and State Pairs champions will play the Manly-Warringah District champions this Saturday afternoon, 24 September, at Belrose BC for a spot in the State finals.

Finalists Jenny, Bridget, Belinda and Cynthia

District Pairs Champions 2022-23

18 September 2022

Pairs champions: L-R Jenny Hepburn (skip) and Kate Wingrove (Neutral Bay)
Champions Jenny and Kate with runners-up Rhonwen and Di

Another lovely spring day for the semi-final and final of the District Pairs, played at Belrose BC.

The semi-finals in the morning provided plenty of entertainment for the spectators, with Elizabeth Blackwell and Sue Hamilton (Turramurra) dominating the first half of the game to be leading 16-2 then 17-5 over Diane McBryde and Rhonwen Martin (St Ives), only to see the momentum shift in the second half. The St Ives pair scored on 8 successive ends to get their noses in front 19-17, then stamped their mark on the game with a 5 on the 19th end before closing out the game 25-19.

In the other semi-final, Kate Wingrove and Jenny Hepburn (Neutral Bay) were up against Dale Nuttall and Louise Hamshere (Belrose), in a match that was an arm wrestle up to the 14th end. Then the Bay put together three ends in a row to get in front 18-11; however, the Belrose pair struck back over the next three ends, levelling the scores at 18-18 going into the last end. With everything on the line, Neutral Bay skip Jenny drew inside the best of the Belrose bowls and there her bowl remained, sealing the win for Kate and Jenny 19-18.

With the wind picking up, the players returned to the green after lunch for the Final. St Ives scored a single shot on the opening end, but then Neutral Bay kept St Ives from scoring over the next six ends, running the score out to 13-1. After a 2 to St Ives, Kate and Jenny piled the pressure back on and after 16 ends the score was 25-4. Some very tidy bowling from Di and Rhonwen saw them pick up 8 shots in three ends, but the game was still firmly in Neutral Bay’s hands, with Kate and Jenny claiming victory 26-12. It was the first time either of them had won the Pairs in North Shore District — last year, Jenny won the District Singles, Triples and Fours (with Kate sharing the win in the Fours), so the Neutral Bay trophy cabinet now holds the District trophies in all disciplines!! Results from all Rounds are available under “Draws/Results”.

The Senior Women’s Pairs will be run on 19-20 September.

Good luck to our champions when they take on the Manly-Warringah champions (to be decided this week) in the Regional Play-Off next Saturday afternoon, 24 September, at Belrose.

Region 15 wins Anita Linden

20 May 2022

North Shore and Manly-Warringah District Presidents accept the trophy

It was a lovely sunny day at Harbord Bowling Club, when 64 players from Region 15 (North Shore & Manly-Warringah Districts) and Region 16 (Mitchell & Macquarie Districts) gathered to play the inter-regional Anita Linden Trophy on Monday 16 May 2022. Normally an annual contest, the event had not run since 2019 because of the Covid-19 lockdowns and disruptions. There was an air of excitement when the Region 16 contingent arrived by coach to take on our squad. After the customary “group photographs”, the players took to the greens which, after being flooded so many times this summer, were a credit to the greenkeepers. nearing the end of the morning games, it looked like a close contest; however, Region 15 picked up a 6 and two 7s over the last few ends, to go into the lunch break with a 35-shot lead, 130-95. After lunch, despite Region 16’s best efforts, our players continued their form, once again winning 5 of the 8 rinks, and taking out the day 257-190. Thank-you to Manly-Warringah District and Harbord BC for hosting.

All the players
The Region 15 skips (Jenny Wallis standing in for Jenny Hepburn)

2022-2023 Program revision

16 December 2021

There has been one change to the District Program since it was sent out to the clubs. The date set for a Post-Sectional Play-Off for Women’s Pennants (if needed) has been changed from Sat 15 October. The new date is: Saturday 17 September 2022.

Also, the date for the Anita Linden Trophy (15 May 2022) has now been confirmed.

You can view the program and Conditions of Play here: https://northshoredistrictwomensbowls.com/events/annual-calendar/

Schedule for 2021 State Championships

27 November 2021

Bowls NSW has released the schedule for the 2021 State Women’s Championships, which have been deferred to March-April 2022. Follow the link to the Bowls NSW website: https://bowlsnsw.com.au/2021-state-championships.

Good luck to the North Shore teams who will be competing:

Senior Pairs: Diane McBryde and Vicki Bartrop (St Ives)

Open Fours: Elaine Seidler, Jenny Palmer, Kate Wingrove & Jenny Hepburn (Neutral Bay)

Mixed Pairs: Midori Matsuoka (Neutral Bay) & Kenta Treacher (North Sydney).

Back to bowls

13 October 2021

With the exemption to NSW Health Orders that allowed us to return to the greens from Monday 11 October, Bowls NSW issued its own “Roadmap” showing what to expect in the next couple of weeks; then from the “80% vaccinated mark” (anticipated to be from 25 October), followed by where we’ll be after 1 December. (See link below.)

The number of bowlers permitted is 20 per “group” (e.g., a “barefoot bowls” event) with a maximum of 50 on a green. This is based on an updated interpretation from Clubs NSW about numbers on the green.)

Bear in mind that everything is subject to change at short notice if the government should alter any of the provisions in its current “re-opening plan”.

As of 11 October, fully-vaccinated bowlers are able to play social bowls and club championships; no tournaments or District/Regional/Zone events will be allowed until later. NOTE: The “District Versatility” hosted annually by St Ives WBC has been cancelled and the District AGM has been postponed to Monday 6 December (subject to confirmation of a venue).

Here’s a list of all the events that have been affected by the prolonged lockdown, plus an updated District Program for the remainder of 2021:


  • Australian Sides Championship
  • Australian Senior Sides championship
  • Australian Under-18 Championships
  • Australian Multi-Disability Championships
  • Trans-Tasman Test
  • NSW vs QLD  (incl. U18)
  • NSW vs VIC  (Open, Senior and U25)
  • Weekend Pennant
  • Jean McKinnon Shield (North Shore vs Manly-Warringah)
  • Anita Linden Trophy (Region 15 vs Region 16)
  • Veteran’s Day
  • Regional Rookies (BNSW Rookies is suspended/under review)
  • Turramurra Trophy
  • Roseville Sixes
  • Mosman Greenhorn
  • Ku-ring-gai Top 9 (Warrawee)
  • St Ives Fives
  • Killara carnival
  • Mosman Top 5
  • Lindfield Shield
  • Neutral Bay Invitation
  • Belrose Spring Carnival
  • Carnivals in Manly-Warringah: Pittwater, Avalon, Dee Why & Mona Vale.
  • District Versatility (hosted by St Ives)


  • North Shore District AGM — Monday 6 December
  • Newport Carnival — now 22 November
  • Australian Indoor Singles  — moved to 6-9 December. (Practice day 5 Dec)
  • Australian 2021 Champion of Champions — moved to 23-24 April 2022
  • Australian 2021 Championships — moved to 26-29 April 2022
  • Women’s 2021 State Pennant Finals — moved to 18-20 March 2022 (Grades 1 & 3), and 21-23 March 2022 (Grades 2 & 4)
  • Women’s 2021 State Championships — moved to 30 March-8 April 2022
  • Women’s 2021 Champion of Champions Pairs — moved to 2-5 June 2022
  • Women’s 2021 Champion of Champions Singles — moved to 26-29 June 2022

See the updated District Program:


3 October 2021

With the “reopening” of the State after the prolonged Covid-lockdown looming, Bowls NSW has announced that the State Play-Offs for Championships, Pennants, and Champion of Champions Singles and Pairs will now go ahead in the first half of 2022. Note that the dates for Grades 1 & 2 Pennants were switched since Bowls NSW Circular 19/2021 was first issued; correct dates are below:

  • 2021 State Pennant Finals Grades 1 & 3: 18-20 March (at Forster-Tuncurry)
  • 2021 State Pennant Finals Grades 2 & 4: 21-23 March (at Forster-Tuncurry)
  • 2021 Women’s State Championships: 30 March – 8 April (at South Tamworth/West Tamworth)
  • 2021 Women’s State Champion of Champions Pairs: 2-5 June (at Merrylands/Guildford)
  • 2021 Women’s State Champion of Champions Singles: 26-29 June (at Port City/Lake Cathie)

Dates have also been set for the postponed Junior and “Open Gender” 2021 Championships. Read the full Bowls NSW Circular here:

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