2016 Annual Report 

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Fun and Games at the 2016

District Versatility

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St. Ives made twelve of our North Shore District clubs very welcome on Friday 11th November for the annual Versatility event.  All the participants made a terrific effort to add some purple to their outfits and the room was full of colour and cheer!  President Billie stole the show with her stunning purple witches hat, but despite some tough competition Jan Woodcock, Kath Morrison, Sue Byrne, Rhonwen Martin and Margaret Ledbury from St Ives were declared the winners of the “Best Dressed Team” competition. Their tutus and fascinators  were a hit on and off the green! Bowls was also on the agenda and again the competition was strong.  The Neutral Bay team of Bev Piper, Gill Barton, Jenny Hepburn, Jenny Palmer and Dawn Spinks just scraped across the line to take the grand prize for the day!  Joan Hodge was on hand to present her Versatility Trophy to the excited winners.


The Winning Team from Neutral Bay with Joan Hodge and President Billie


The Best Dressed Team from St. Ives with President Billie

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Weekend Triples Inter-Zone Play-off


The Inter-zone play-offs were held at Marrickville Bowling Club on Saturday 12th November. Eight zones from around the state were represented with some very good bowlers competing.  The North Sydney team of Anne Coleman, Kate Nobel and Emma Brown drew a strong team from Engadine first up in the quarter finals. It was an extremely tight match with the score 10/11 after 11 ends, and North Sydney just 2 behind with two ends to go. North Sydney managed to get a shot back on the second last end to get within 1, and were holding shot on the last end until the final bowl from the Engadine skip took the shot bowl to go 1 up. Despite a valiant effort by skip Anne Coleman with her last bowl the shot remained for Engadine to win the match by 2. North Sydney played fabulous bowls and represented our Region superbly. Congratulations ladies!


The final round of the Regional Saturday Pairs was played on Saturday with North Manly’s Norma Jean side taking out the trophy.  They played superb bowls to overtake Neutral Bay who, until yesterday had been leading the competition.   Barbara Green, Manly Warringah’s newly appointed president  made the presentation.  She congratulated all players on the standard of bowls and expressed the hope that Saturday competition for women would continue to grow. The final score sheet may be accessed by the following link.



Winners:  Jane Gibson, Kathy Redfern, Carey Curtis and Mary Bee (North Manly) with Manly-Warringah President Barbara Green


Runners Up:  Tonia Russell, Dawn Spinks, Virginia Ware, Midori Matsuoka (Neutral Bay)


A group photo of all the clubs represented:Chatswood, North Sydney, Neutral Bay, North Manly, Lane Cove, Mosman and Killara


They say a picture says a thousand words and the following photos show what a happy day was had by all at Turramurra on Veterans Day! District Vice President  Jenny Wallis presented Star Veterans badges (over 85 years) to twelve ladies in President Billie’s absence.


Star Veteran Irene Karuso – Belrose


Star Veteran – Rita Armbrister – West Pymble


Star Veteran Gwen Powter – Roseville


Star Veteran Marie McCrossin – Roseville


Star Veteran – Dorothy McDermott – Turramurra


Star Veteran Gwen Graham – Turramurra


Star Veteran June Patterson – Turramurra


Star Veteran June Stamp – Turramurra


Star Veteran Phyl Greg – Turramurra


Star Veteran Alison Dawkins – Warrawee


Star Veteran Betty White ( West Pymble)


Star Veteran Shirley Ashton – West Pymble


Spider Winners Barbara Burge (North Sydney) and Margaret Cliff (Forestville RSL) with District Representatives Jenny Wallis, Helen Stromsmoe and Pat Pierson


All the happy participants at Veterans’ Day

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Newport Bowling Club was the venue for the Anita Linden Trophy played between Region 15 and Region 16 on September 15th.  Four teams from the North Shore District and four from the Manly/Warringah District made up the Region 15 Side to take on eight teams from Region 16.  The wind was definitely a factor, with a veritable gale blowing across the greens all day!  The Region 15 teams played solid bowls in the morning game, winning 4 and drawing one of the eight games, finishing with a 9 shot overall lead at lunch time.  After a delicious lunch the teams took to the greens once again – and the wind was still blowing!  Region 16 got off to a great start on the lower green and the margin was narrowing, however the Region 15 teams then settled and started gaining ground, eventually taking 6 of the 8 afternoon games with a margin of 23. Considering the problems the Region 15 Selectors had leading up to the day, with several players becoming unavailable due to either illness or for personal reasons, and one of our players having to be replaced during the game due to illness,  it was a great effort by our girls to finish with such a convincing win !  The final score was 241/209.  Congratulations to all the players, and thanks to the officials and supporters who came along to cheer them on as well as  the Newport members who looked after everyone extremely well.


The Winning Skips of the winning Region 15 Side with Region 15 Representative Barbara Hazeltine


The Winning Region 15 Side


All Competitors in the Anita Linden Trophy 2016


Champion of Club Champion Pairs

Congratulations to Helen Stromsmoe and Bridget Nelson from Gordon who reached the round of 16 in the Champion of Club Champion Pairs played at Warilla the first week in September.  Five other teams from the North Shore District also entered this event; Mosman, Neutral Bay, North Sydney, St. Ives and Warrawee were represented.  


2016-08-31 13.07.02

In another high-quality match, the Neutral Bay team of Elizabeth Blackwell, Jenny Hepburn and Jenny Palmer put together a good team effort to win the Region 15 Triples Play-off on Wednesday 31 August, defeating Masako Sato, Genevieve Delves and Virginia Longfellow of Harbord 20-12. From the outset, the spectators knew they were in for a treat, with Masako rolling the jack, putting her opening bowl within a couple of inches and locking the jack right onto that bowl with her second. By the time the skips bowled, Harbord held two but a small trail of the jack from Jenny Palmer cut it to 1, only to have Virginia trail the jack another 6″ to regain 2. With her last bowl, Jenny cracked an egg onto the shot bowl, spranging the jack 4″ to once again cut it to 1 … this opening end set the tone for the whole match!! After 7 ends Neutral Bay trailed 2-6, then picked up a 3, followed by 2, to finally hit the lead. Two beautiful draws from Virginia on the 11th leveled the score 8-all, but the Neutral Bay players all put in a big effort on the 12th, to be holding 6 shots. Virginia managed to take out one bowl, but The Bay surged ahead on the scoreboard 13-8. Consecutive 2’s pushed the score to 17-8 with four ends to go, and the spectators began to sense the match could be in the bag. A tightly packed head on the 15th saw Harbord 1-up, until skip Jenny’s last bowl got a gentle nudge in off one of her own bowls to shift things a fraction, resulting in another 2 to Neutral Bay. On the 16th, the 2 went to Harbord, getting them into double figures but still needing 9 shots from 2 ends to force an extra end. The Leads battled it out, then Seconds Jenny and Genevieve went into action. Just when it looked as though Harbord might be setting up for a multiple, Jenny Hepburn drew in a beautiful bowl 6″ from the jack. In driving that bowl out, Genevieve also cleared out most of the head, but left the jack and her own shot bowl in place. Undaunted, Jenny H drew an even closer bowl for shot; however, when all bowls had been played, Virginia had achieved another 2 to Harbord, sending them into the last end 7 behind. With bowls evenly matched in the head, Harbord were holding 1 when Virginia’s 2nd bowl came in overweight and trailed the jack back to the few bowls behind the jack, to be holding 1 but with no prospect of a multiple. Nevertheless, Jenny P drew up and trailled the jack  away from the Harbord bowl to get the shot. With killing the end the only option remaining, Virginia drove but the head was unchanged, resulting in a 20-12 win for Neutral Bay.

Jenny Palmer & Lynne Thompson win Region 15 Open Pairs;  Harbord pair win Seniors

In a thrilling match on Tuesday 31 August, the Neutral Bay team of Jenny Palmer and Lynne Thompson took on Virginia Longfellow and Genevieve Delves of Harbord in the Open Pairs. From the outset, it was kept to an extremely tight contest, with Lynne killing the end on three occasions to deny the Harbord team an advantage. By the time the scores got to 11-11, there had never been more than a couple of shots difference between the teams. The Neutral Bay girls then fought hard to get the score to 14-12 in their favour with two ends to play. On the 17th end, with Jenny and Lynne holding two very close shots, Genevieve drove with her last two bowls but went cleanly through to the ditch both times for Neutral Bay to go into the last end 16-12. However, Virginia’s opening bowls were both in the count and, by the time Lynne took the mat for the last time, Virginia had added a third with two more bowls from Genevieve to come. Lynne’s bowl dropped several metres short and was answered by Genevieve drawing a 4th shot, and one bowl left to play for the chance to win the match. This time, Lynne made sure her bowl was up! It caught the side of the jack, sending it out towards the boundary, with one of Jenny’s bowls closest. After the Harbord team examined the situation, it was agreed there was nowhere to manoeuvre to make 4 shots to tie the match, so Genevieve had no choice but to go for the kill. She gave it her best shot, but the bowl didn’t make contact, leaving the Neutral Bay girls to pick up 2 shots to win 18-12 and book themselves a date at the State Play-Offs in October.


The Region 15 Play-Off for the Senior Pairs was also played on 31 August between Louise Cook & Margaret Brady (Belrose) and Jan Newell & Chris Gordon (Harbord). In the Seniors format of 3-bowl pairs 18 ends, the Harbord team dominated the contest from the beginning. The Belrose team played steadily and had some lovely shots, which were celebrated with much acclaim by the impressive crowd of Belrose supporters decked out in the Blue & Gold; however, their hopes of retaining precious shots were repeatedly dashed by good conversion shots from the Harbord team.


The army of Belrose supporters



29 August 2016

North Shore’s District Singles Champion, Patricia Tan (Belrose), will be on her way to the State Play-offs at Tuncurry in October, after defeating the Manly-Warringah Champion,  Jan Newell (Harbord) 25-13. Patricia won the toss and got off to a good start, then picked up several multiples and a full of 4 on her way to a 22-4 lead. Then Jan won another end, changed the length, and found her rhythm to mount a fight-back. But having already been “holding match” on a previous occasion, only to see Jan draw the shot, Patricia was taking no chances when holding 2 with a bowl still to play. In attempting to draw a match-winning 3rd, she got a small trail of the jack for a full count of 4, which Jan was unable to reduce. Patricia will compete at State level on 30-31 October.

  • The 2016 REGIONAL SATURDAY PAIRS has commenced – go to RESULTS to keep up to date with this competition!
  •  Congratulations to Robyn Gibb- new life member of Belrose.  Full story can be found in “Around the Clubs” under Events tab!



The winning skips from the Manly-Warringah District proudly hold the Jean McKinnon Shield

It was a cold and damp day at Gordon on Friday 5th August for the playing of this year’s Jean McKinnon Shield. Eight teams from each of the North Shore and Manly /Warringah Districts braved the conditions for this annual event. The morning rounds were played on very heavy greens and Manly/Warringah managed to get away to a good lead of 102 to 88 by lunchtime. The Northshore ladies came out fighting and played great bowls on the faster greens to take a convincing lead in the afternoon rounds. However a late run by Manly/Warringah narrowed the gap, with North Shore ultimately winning the afternoon by just one, giving Manly/Warringah a well deserved 210/197 overall win.

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Mx Prs RPO winners 2016

Region 15 Mixed Pairs champions Kenta Treacher and Emma Brown (North Sydney)

Battling a blustery wind as well as their opponents, Emma Brown and Kenta Treacher (North Sydney) won through the semi-final and final to become North Shore’s 2016 Mxzed Pairs champions then, after lunch, took on the Manly Warringah champions for a chance to play off at State level. In the 5th and final end of the first set, the Harbord pair of Susan Laidlaw and Mark Alexander were holding shot for the set until Kenta drove the jack into the ditch to pick up 4 shots and take the set. In the second set, scores were level after 4 ends. The Harbord lead held shot then the skip added to the count but, once again, in came Kenta with a beautifully-weighted draw to hold shot for the match. Mark drove at it and plucked out Kenta’s bowl, then Kenta’s final bowl pulled up short to give the second set to Harbord. In the 1-end tie-breaker, Susan drew a close lead bowl for shot and the match but, yet again, Kenta bettered it. Mark ran at the shot bowl, missing the target by millimetres. On his final attempt, the Harbord skip found his target but, unfortunately, the scattering bowls took out his own team’s best bowl at the same time, leaving one of Kenta’s bowls as the shot. The North Sydney pair will now contest the State Play-Off at Tuncurry in October.


The North Shore District Mixed Pairs finalists

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