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Di McBryde from St Ives won the District Singles Championship from Killara’s Susie Meares 25/17 in a hard fought final at Forestville Bowling Club on Monday 4th March.


Singles champion 2019 Di McBryde (St Ives)


The semi-finals began at Forestville on a beautiful sunny morning with a light breeze. In the first semi- Di McBryde (St Ives) got off to a good start against Judy Le Gras (Warringah) picking up 3 shots, and then trailing the jack close to the ditch with her first bowl of the second end, securing a single. After three ends, Di was leading 7-0. Then Judy packed all 4 bowls around the jack on the 4th end, getting her into the game 4-7, then adding singles on each of the following ends to make the score 7-6 to Di. Both players kept their draw games going; however, Di began to steadily open up her lead, getting the score out to 20-9. With Di looking set to claim the match, Judy came up with terrific final bowls on at least three occasions to keep the game alive at 15-24, before Di got the final shot she needed.

In the other semi between Susie Meares (Killara) and Louise Hamshere  (Neutral Bay), Susie drew a close shot on each of the first two ends, then Louise drew a single on each of the next 2 ends, to level at 2-all. After 6 ends of single scores, Susie was leading 4-2. A measure for the first possible multiple of the game on the 7th resulted in yet another single for Susie, 5-2. Finally on the 8th end there was a 2 to Louise, bringing the score to 5-4 to Susie. A couple of ends later,  when Louise had nailed the jack with her opening bowl, Susie drew past danger even closer with a later bowl, for 8-6. The standard of drawing by both remained high and scoring again increased by singles, until Louise claimed the lead 9-8. Then, with scores level at 9-9, an umpire measure on the 3rd shot resulted in 2 to Louise, to again lead 11-9. Louise made good conversions on consecutive ends, but in the second case Susie countered with an immaculate draw to take shot and get within 1 of Louise on the scoreboard. When leading 14-12, Louise moved the jack to pick up a 2 and open up the biggest lead in the game to that point, 16-12;  but again Susie countered with two on the next end, to lie 14-16. Through another series of singles,  the 2-shot margin persisted, before Susie drew 2 shots to level the scores 18-all, and then scored on the next two ends to be up 21-18. Louise struck back with a 2, 21-20, but then Susie scored the only score of the match greater than 2, picking up 3 to lead 24-20. She took that momentum into the following end, but Louise managed to wedge her second bowl between Susie’s and the jack, which remained for 21-24. On the final end, Susie was lying two when Louise played weight and sliced the jack. However, the jack ran beyond Louise’s other 3 bowls to lie closer to Susie’s “covering” bowl,  delivering the win to Susie 25-21.


Singles runner-up 2019 Susie Meares (Killara)


Di McBryde and Susie Meares followed up their semi-final wins of the morning with the final in the afternoon at Forestville.  Fortunately there was a pleasant breeze to keep them a little cooler than in the morning games.

Di started in great form, taking the jack back on the first end to get 3 shots. Di then drew out to a 13/1 lead as Susie struggled to master the shorter ends Di was rolling. Eventually Susie took out one of Di’s bowls to get 3 more shots on the board and she rolled the jack to full length, and then proceeded to put her bowl 6 inches from the jack, only to have Di draw in and get shot!  Susie replied to again take the shot, and Di couldn’t respond this time – what an exciting end. With the score was 13/7,  Susie got one shot on the next two ends,  but Di drew two shots on the following end and once again brought the mat up. She won the next two ends to make the score 19/8. Undeterred, Susie put two great bowls down next to the jack to win the next end and back went the mat with the score 19/10. Susie drew her last bowl to go to 19/11,  but Di responded with a great on shot on the next end to get shot and, despite Susie putting down a beautiful bowl, held on to get the mat once again at 20/11. But Susie was determined and put her first bowl on the jack and then drew in second shot, but Di came in and took out Susie’s bowl and sat the jack! Susie had one bowl left, took aim and went for it – the jack went back and almost out of bounds, and Susie scored 4 shots! Susie then picked up two on the next end and it was 20/17.  What a match!

Susie rolled the jack to a shorter length and this gave Di an opportunity as she had been winning this length, and she jumped in with the two closest bowls, with Susie only having one bowl left. Susie was so close to taking the shot bowl, but just missed, and Di drew in for the third shot! 23/17. Di drew the perfect shot to sit one centimetre in front of the jack and then drew the second shot. Susie’s final bowl only just missed – the match was Di’s.

It was a fantastic match and all credit must go to both players.  Susie has only been playing bowls for three years and is certainly a star in the making.  Di has been a great contributor to bowls over the years, both at club and District levels.  It is wonderful to see her hard work on and off the green rewarded with this well deserved victory!

SENIOR PAIRS WINNERS – Sue Byrne and Vicki Bartrop 

Senior Pairs champions 2019

Senior Pairs Champions 2019 Sue Byrne (L) and Vicki Bartrop – St Ives

27 February 2019

It was a beautiful day at Chatswood BC for the final of this year’s District Senior Pairs played between Sue Byrne and Vicki Bartrop of St Ives, and newcomers Caroline Duhigg and Robyn Novakovic of Mosman — both of whom have been playing for only 15 months! The St Ives team made a big statement early, trailing the jack close to the ditch and drawing several more bowls in, to take 5 on the 2nd end. However, the Mosman players demonstrated how they had earned a place in the final, levelling scores at 6-all after 6 ends, and then opening up a 6-shot lead 12-6. But a string of multiples to St Ives saw them overtake Mosman and, after 10 ends, St Ives were leading 17-12. With Sue and Vicki looking set to claim another multiple count, Robyn then returned to her “dead-draw” form of the earlier rounds of the championship to claim shot. Having set a shorter length, Robyn again played a beautiful dead-draw with her final bowl to get Mosman within 3 shots on the scoreboard after 14 ends. After the 17th, there was still a difference of only 3, with the score at 21-18. The 18th end saw the position change with almost every bowl from the two skips — with Mosman holding shot, Vicki took the jack back for a potential count of 3, but Robyn countered by playing weight and taking the jack into the ditch, with her toucher 15″ away, narrowing the margin to only two, 21-19. After nerves appeared to kick in and both Leads mis-rolled the jack, the 19th end was played “ditch to ditch” which suited Sue’s games perfectly, and she made all three of her bowls count for St Ives to pull away to 24-19. Rolling the jack long again on the 20th, Sue had the better of the leading contest and St Ives were holding two when Robyn trailled the jack; unfortunately, it sliced away from her bowl, giving St Ives 2 shots and the match, 26-19. Spectators were most impressed with the abilities and passion for the sport demonstrated by the new Mosman players; however, with multiple District- and Regional-champion Vicki skipping the team, the greater experience of the St Ives players brought them home (even though lead Sue still qualifies as an Under 5 years player herself)!

See Draws/Results for scores from all rounds.

Senior Pairs finalists 2019 resized

Senior Pairs Champions Vicki Bartrop and Sue Byrne with runners-up Robyn Novakovic and Caroline Duhigg

OPEN PAIRS WINNERS – Jeyam Siva and Billie Maas

Open Pairs Champions 2019

2019 Open Pairs Champions Jeyam Siva and Billie Maas (Belrose)

Sunday 24 February

Today saw some great bowling in the semi finals and final of the District Open Pairs.  Both semi finals had the scores even with only a few ends to go.  In the match between Jeyam Siva and Billie Maas from Belrose and Emma Brown and Anne Coleman from North Sydney, North Sydney took the early lead but Jeyam and Billie gradually inched their way closer and played some great bowls over the last few ends to clinch the match.  Similarly in the other semi final, Marilyn Brenner and Sue Hamilton from Turramurra played some fabulous bowls to be even on the scoreboard, but were just pipped on the last few ends to go down to Jess de Greenlaw and Jenny Hepburn from Neutral Bay.

The final was a cracker of a game.  Neutral Bay got away to good start, but Jeyam and Billie just kept drawing close to the jack and one by one closed the gap on the score board.  After 15 ends the scores were even and the spectators were full of anticipation for a nail biting finish.  No one imagined what was about to happen! On the 16th end Neutral Bay was holding shot with Billie having one bowl to play.  Belrose had the next six bowls around the jack.  Drum Roll —- ta ta —-yes, Billie took out the shot bowl to give Belrose seven shots !!!!!  Neutral Bay managed to get shot on each of the last two ends, to make the final margin 5 in favour of Billie and Jeyam.

Congratulations to all players in this event.  Nearly every match played was very close and of a high standard.  Many thanks to Lane Cove and Lindfield Rollers for hosting the matches on the weekend so we could accommodate our working women.

See Draws/Results for full results.


Open Pairs Champions Billie Maas and Jeyam Siva with runners-up Jenny Hepburn and Jess de Greenlaw



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