Mixed Pairs 2021

18 January 2021

The 2021 championship season got off to a great start at St Ives on 17 January, with a record 21 teams competing in this year’s Mixed Pairs. For results, and the draw for the Post-Sectional Rounds, see “Draws/Results”.

2021 District Program “final”

7 December 2020

The District program for 2021 (incl. WBNSW and BA events) has been finalised. The current version is labelled “Final v2.1”. Changes from earlier versions are: altered date for the Anita Linden (inter-regional) Trophy (now 25 October); confirmation of the dates for the club-selected Roseville Sixes and Lindfield Shield; and alteration of some of the “carnival” dates for Manly-Warringah District clubs.

Dale Nuttall wins Regional Rookies Singles

2020 Rookies winner Dale Nuttall (Belrose) at left, with runner-up Sandy Glasson (Turramurra)

Congratulations to Dale Nuttall (Belrose) on winning the 2020 Region 15 Rookies Singles. The Rookies Singles is hosted annually by Manly-Warringah District and is normally a weekend competition; however, this year’s event was plagued with bad weather and the final was postponed to Friday 6 November at Seaforth BC. It was an “all North Shore” match, with Dale playing Turramurra newcomer Sandy Glasson. Both played excellent bowls but in the end Dale, who was a semi-finalist last year, came away with a solid victory 25-11. As Sandy will still be eligible for the 2021 Rookies, we will watch out for her then!

RPO Day 3 to North Shore

21 October 2020

Region 15 Triples winners Lorraine Hazzard, Julie Baker and Billie Maas (Belrose)

To conclude a very successful week for North Shore at this year’s Regional Play-Offs, the Belrose team of Lorraine Hazzard, Julie Baker and Billie Maas took out the Region 15 Triples today 22-10 over Harbord’s Masako Sato, Susan Laidlaw and Virginia Longfellow. Belrose got on the board first, with a single off their skip’s last bowl, then scored another single on the 2nd end. Then Harbord claimed a single, followed by a two, to be 4-3. It continued as a game of “ones and twos”, with the score levelled at 8-8 after 11 ends. Then three consecutive singles gave Belrose a slight edge at 11-8, which was the largest margin in the game to that point . It was enough to get the Belrose team’s confidence up, and they proceeded to convert heads where necessary and pick up 10 shots over the next 4 ends, to be in front 21-8 after the 18th end. Despite Harbord scoring 2 on the 19th and holding a multiple until the last bowl played on the 20th, the Belrose skip drew shot to close out the match 22-10.

RPO Day 2 — victory for both Districts

20 October 2020

Region 15 Singles winner Michelle Treadwell (Belrose)
Region 15 Pairs winners Jacqui Morgan (left) and Jenny Roberts (Seaforth)
Region 15 Senior Pairs winners Chris Binfield (left) and Sue Lewis (Pittwater)

The Region 15 Singles play-off kept the (suitably-spaced) crowd on the edge of their seats as the North Shore Champion Michelle Treadwell (Belrose) took on Manly-Warringah Champion Virginia Longfellow (Harbord). It had rained overnight, and the morning stayed overcast and humid. In the early stages of the game, it appeared as though Michelle had the better feel for the slower-paced green and, after 7 ends, was up 8-2. Four ends later, with the scoreboard at 10-4, Michelle rolled a significantly shorter jack which survived a measure by the umpire. However, the change of length suited Virginia as well, with the advantage changing with almost every bowl played. Eventually, Virginia claimed 2 shots, then rolled the jack full length and picked up one more shot, taking her score to 7-10. Four ends later … four singles … the score 12-9 … and it was anyone’s game! Then Michelle scored a 3 followed by 2, then a 1, and the score was 18-9. But Virginia put the pressure straight back on, playing two lovely openers and, after Michelle’s weighted shots missed their target, added a 3rd to be 12-18. A full-length end then brought looser bowls. Virginia looked set to pick up another multiple, but Michelle’s last bowl cut it to 1 shot. On the next end, Virginia was once again holding 3 … this time Michelle only managed to cut out one, and the score came up to 15-18. Virginia looked to have hit her stride, and the spectators knew they were in for a great finish to the match. Another single to Virginia, and then a 3, saw her take the lead for the first time, 19-18. Facing another score against her on the next end, Michelle converted with her last bowl, bringing up 19-19. Back on a two-thirds length, Michelle put in a good opening bowl, then another. Virginia got caught in front traffic and Michelle claimed 3 to be 22-19, and only 3 shots from victory. On a short length next end, the players built a very tight head, with one shot going to Michelle, and then another single brought her to 24-19 with victory in sight. However, Virginia scored a single to keep the game alive, and then another, to be 21-24. Shots were traded back and forth on the next end — 1 more to Virginia, 22-24 and the Belrose supporters were looking anxious! Both players put in good bowls on the next end. Virginia was holding and, when Michelle’s weighted shot tapped aside her own bowl, Virginia was assured of 2 shots, 24-24! Trying to set a longer length for the final end, Virginia rolled the jack into the ditch. Michelle changed the mat position and rolled short. The umpire was called, but the jack was correct by about 18″. Undaunted, Virginia put in a good opener and, after a good reply from Michelle, put down an even better bowl to be sitting about 6″ off the jack. Michelle drew up to rest on the shot bowl, then Virginia covered the back of the head with her last bowl “just in case”. But Michelle didn’t play weight — she simply played a superb draw onto her own bowl, which tapped Virginia’s bowl onto its side, away from the jack. Game to Michelle, 25-24!

Meanwhile, the Manly-Warringah competitors in the Open Pairs and Senior Pairs were getting the better of their opponents. In the Open Pairs Jacqui Morgan and Jenny Roberts (Seaforth) kept up the pressure relentlessly to defeat Ngoc Hau and Louise Amos (Killara), 24-9. Despite the final score, it was by no means a one-sided affair; our girls played good bowls, but Jacqui and Jenny just kept playing better. In the Senior Pairs Play-Off, Shizuko Hashimoto and Di McBryde took on Chris Binfield and Sue Lewis (Pittwater). It was an even contest at first, with the score 3-3 after four ends, and 4-4 after six. Then Pittwater put together a string of ends, to get their score out to 15-7 after 16 ends. However, St Ives fought back and got the margin down to 4 after 19 ends, 12-16. It almost looked as though they could do it, but then Chris and Sue played very strongly on the 20th end. When Chris confirmed they were holding “at least 3”, Sue wisely declined to play her last bowl and the match was declared at 19-12.

The State Play-Offs will be held in February at Club Malua:

Open & Senior Pairs 2-3 Feb; Triples 4-5 Feb; Mixed Pairs 6 Feb; Singles 7-8 Feb; Open & Senior Fours 9-10 Feb.

North Shore takes Day 1 of the RPO

19 October 2020

Region 15 Open Fours winners (L-R) Elaine Seidler, Jenny Palmer, Kate Wingrove, Jenny Hepburn (Neutral Bay)
Region 15 Senior Fours winners (L-R) Lorraine Fevre, Kaye Alderton, (Bella the mascot), Michelle Treadwell, Patricia Tan (Belrose)

CONGRATULATIONS to our North Shore teams who won the Region 15 Open Fours and Senior Fours today to book spots in the State Play-Offs at Club Malua on 9-10 February 2021. In the Open Fours, the Neutral Bay team of Elaine Seidler, Jenny Palmer, Kate Wingrove and Jenny Hepburn were in a very even contest with Harbord’s Masako Sato, Gwen Dessaix, Susan Laidlaw and Virginia Longfellow, before pulling away in the later stages of the game to post an emphatic win, 27-14. In the Senior Fours, the Belrose team of Lorraine Fevre, Kaye Alderton (SUB for Louise Hamshere), Michelle Treadwell and Patricia Tan went into the last end of the match with Dee Why’s Lesley Kennedy, Robin Morron, Sue Ewin and Sue Marshall needing 3 shots to draw the game and play an extra end. Dee Why were building a head that gave them a very good chance; however, as happens in bowls, a small slip-up turned the shot over to Belrose, who claimed the game 15-11. Well done to all players, and good luck to the North Shore teams at the (much-delayed) State Play-Offs in February.

Two North Shore players in Regional Rookies final

18 October 2020

Congratulations to Dale Nuttall (Belrose) and Sandy Glasson (Turramurra), who won their semi-finals in the 2020 Regional Rookies today and will play next Sunday 25 October to determine this year’s winner. There were 17 entrants this year, all affiliated since July 2018. Results below:

District Triples Champions

District Triples runners-up Neutral Bay (L) with winners Belrose

Congratulations to Lorraine Hazzard, Julie Baker and Billie Maas (Belrose) on winning the District Triples Championship today against Pam Cole, Maggie Jay and Midori Matsuoka (Neutral Bay) 32-10. More details under Draws/Results.

Streamed coverage of the match can be viewed on our District Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/northshorewomensbowls/

District Singles Championship

6 October 2020

Michelle Treadwell (Belrose WBC) is our North Shore District Singles Champion for 2020, having today defeated Elaine Seidler (Neutral Bay Club) 25-13. Overnight rain had slowed the green at Forestville RSL somewhat and Michelle got off to the better start, springing out to an 8-0 lead after three ends. The next three ends went to Elaine, to get her on the board with the score reading 8-4. Michelle slowly and steadily took hold of the match, extending her lead to 14-7. Then Elaine put together two excellent ends, picking up consecutive 3’s and, with the scores standing at 14-13, the crowd of supporters from both clubs were on the edge of their seats. However, Michelle quickly steadied her run towards the title and, although Elaine was holding shot at some point on many of the following ends, Michelle denied her any chance of keeping pace. Winning seven consecutive ends, Michelle took out the championship 25-13. Streamed coverage of the complete match can be viewed on our District Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/northshorewomensbowls/

With only one entry having been received for Summer League, the Neutral Bay team of Sue Randle, Caroline Gracie and Jenny Palmer will go straight through to the State Play-Off at Blacktown at the end of February 2021.

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