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Lorraine Hazzard, Jeyam Siva, Billie Maas –Triples Champions 2019


The Final of the District Triples was played on Wednesday 10 July at St Ives BC. In an all-Belrose contest, Lorraine Hazzard, Jeyam Siva & Billie Maas defeated Michelle Treadwell, Benita Andrews & Patricia Tan 17-10.

Results from all rounds below:

Draw/Results Triples 2019



Margaret Murphy, Daphne Menzies and Billie Maas (Belrose) – Triples Champions 2018


The final of the State Open Triples at District level was played on Wednesday 18 July on a very fast green at Forestville RSL Bowling Club, with Margaret Murphy, Daphne Menzies & Billie Maas (Belrose) defeating Dawn Spinks, Brenda Walker & Gill Barton (Neutral Bay) 22-11.


Draw/Results Triples 2018




Triples Champions 2017

Triples Champions 2017 E Blackwell, J Palmer & J Hepburn (Neutral Bay)

The Neutral Bay trio of Elizabeth Blackwell, Jenny Palmer and Jenny Hepburn became North Shore’s first “back-to-back Champions”,  winning the Open Triples in 2017.  They defeated Betty-Anne Cleveland, Trish Tamaoki and Judy Moyes of Mosman in a hard-fought final.

Draw/Results Triples 2017



2016 Triples champions E Blackwell, J Hepburn, J Palmer (Neutral Bay)

The final of the 2016 Triples was played on Wed 13 July at Neutral Bay in a bitingly cold gale. The Belrose team of Daphne Menzies, Jan Johnson and Lyn Needs had the measure of the conditions early, but the Neutral Bay team of Elizabeth Blackwell, Jenny Hepburn and Jenny Palmer tightened their game and pulled away to claim the game.

Draw/Results Triples 2016


Triples Champions 2015 J Beattie (skip), J Moy & A Renshaw (Warrawee)


Triples Champions 2015:   Annette Renshaw, June Moy and Joy Beattie (Warrawee)

Triples runners-up 2015: Kay Miniter, Shizuko Hashimoto and Helen Stromsmoe (skip).


Draw/Results Triples 2015