North Shore District Committee 2020-21

Office bearers were elected at the (much-delayed) AGM on 9 October 2020. With Julie Hayden having completed her 3-year term as President and Angela Little stepping down as Secretary, we have a new President and Secretary as well as one new Vice President and new Chairs of the Match and Selection Committees:

PRESIDENT: Sue Hamilton (Turramurra)

VICE PRESIDENTS: Diane McBryde (St Ives) and Dawn Spinks (Neutral Bay)

SECRETARY: Loyce Davis (Mosman)

TREASURER: Annette Renshaw (Warrawee)

MATCH COMMITTEE: Billie Maas (Belrose) – Chair; members Brenda Walker (Neutral Bay), Fiona Vatiliotis (Warrawee), Karen Lees (Belrose), Betty-Anne Cleveland (Mosman)

SELECTION COMMITTEE: Marilyn Brenner (Turramurra) – Chair; members Carol Huttary (Asquith), Jenny Palmer (Neutral Bay), Helen Stromsmoe (Warrawee), Karen Price (Asquith)

WELFARE OFFICER Sue O’Keefe (Warrawee)

North Shore District Committee 2019-20

New office bearers were elected at the District AGM on 29th July 2019. The Management Committee is Julie Hayden (President), Di McBryde (Vice President), Bridget Quirk (Vice President), Angela Little (Secretary), Annette Renshaw (Treasurer), Sue Hamilton (Chair of Match) Pat Pierson (Chair of Selection).  At the AGM, two new members of the Selection Committee were elected; they are Karen Price (Asquith), and Sue O’Keefe (Warrawee).

President Julie Hayden welcomes new Vice Presidents Di McBryde (centre) and Bridget Quirk (right)
President Julie presents the new Selectors Sue O’Keefe (centre) and Karen Price (right) with their badges

2018-19 District Management Committee

New office bearers were elected at the District AGM on 27 August 2018. The Management Committee (pictured below) has remained unchanged from the previous year.

Angela Little (Secretary), Sue Hamilton (Chair of Match), Rosemary Dale (Chair of Social), Beverley Piper (VP), Annette Renshaw (Treasurer), Julie Hayden (President), Patricia Pierson (Chair of Selectors) and Dianne Tracy (VP), wearing their new District shirts.

2017-18 Management Committee:

L to R: Chm Match Sue Hamilton (Turramurra), Chm Selectors Pat Pierson (Lindfield Rollers), Chm Social Rosemary Dale, (Mosman), President Julie Hayden (Mosman), Secretary Angela Little (Belrose), Treasurer Annette Renshaw (Warrawee), Vice President Di Tracey (Asquith). Absent: Vice President Beverley Piper (Neutral Bay).

2016-17 Management Committee:

L-R: Annette Renshaw (Treas), Pat Pierson (Chair Selectors), Julie Hayden (VP), Sandy White (Welfare), Marianne Coningsby (Chair Match), Beverley Piper (VP), Angela Little (Sec), Billie Maas (Pres). Absent: Jeanette Staniland (Chair Social)

2014-15 and 2015-16 Management Committee:

North Shore District Committee
Marianne Coningsby (Chair Match), Jeanette Staniland (Chair Social), Jenny Hepburn (Sec), Jenny Wallis (VP), Billie Maas (Pres), Pat Pierson (Chair Selectors), Daphne Menzies (Treas), Beverley Piper (VP)