Summer League is a WBNSW competition played between October and January. It’s 2-bowl Triples, 15 ends. Teams are limited to no more than one player who played Grades 1 or 2 Pennant in the past two years. Composite teams are allowed, but all players have to be affiliated with WBNSW through a club in North Shore District.

The “Summer League” will be run at District level starting in the week-commencing 19 October 2020. (Teams entering should decide on their playing day. Play can be at the weekend, or after 6pm on a weekday. Evening play can be brought forward to any time after 4pm if the opponents agree; however, no-one can be made to play before 6pm.)

Entries close with the District on 8th October 2020. Please read the Conditions of Play carefully before entering, then complete and email Page 1 of the entry form to the District Secretary.

4 September 2020

The District Singles Final and the District Triples championship have been rescheduled to early October. WBNSW has cancelled the Weekend Pennant, but Summer League is still going ahead. Revised District program below:

2 August 2020

WBNSW has cancelled the State Pennant Play-Offs for 2020, and the competition at District/Regional level has consequently been abandoned. Weekend Pennant is still going ahead, as are the championship events.

3 July 2020

After more than three months’ break because of the COVID-19 lockdown and restrictions, competitive bowls is back! As shown on their revised program (link below) WBNSW is going ahead with all State Championship events, Pennants, Weekend Pennants, Summer League, and the Champion of Club Champions events in Singles and Pairs.

Play at North Shore District level begins with the District Singles Championship, starting on Monday 17 August. The start date for the resumed Pennant season varies by Grade, because of the differing number of rounds remaining in the season. You can view the revised District program below. There may yet be some alterations to the dates shown here, especially for Veteran’s Day, the St Ives 5s, Weekend Pennants ands the Weekend Pennant Regional Play-Off.

District Championships

Regional Play-offs

Inter-Region Matches

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