Inter-Region Matches

JEAN McKINNON SHIELDMonday 7 March, 2022, at Warrawee BC. NOW 25 July 2022


North Shore and Manly-Warringah Districts have postponed the inter-district “Jean McKinnon Shield, which was to have been contested on Monday 7 March. It has been rescheduled to Monday 25 July 2022.

The District Presidents made this decision reluctantly (since the event was cancelled in both 2020 and 2021 because of Covid lockdowns), but felt it was in the players’ (and greens’) bests interests in the prolonged, unusually wet spell.

Thank-you to host club, Warrawee, for being amenable to yet another change of date since they were originally set to host us in 2020 — fourth time lucky??

ANITA LINDEN TROPHY –Monday 16 May 2022, at Harbord BC.

(Region 15 versus Region 16 — 16 players from each of North Shore and Manly Warringah Districts in Region 15; 16 players from each of the two Districts in Region 16 — Mitchell and Macquarie).