RPO 2021 success


4 June 2021

Region 15 Singles runner-up Jenny Hepburn (Neutral Bay) (L), with winner Jenny Roberts (Seaforth)

In our final championship play-off for 2021, Jenny Hepburn (Neutral Bay) was up against Jenny Roberts (Seaforth). The green had been slowed by heavy rain the day before; Jenny Roberts appeared to find the pace better in the opening ends, scoring the only full count of the game to take the lead 5-3. Jenny Hepburn then scored singles on six consecutive ends to hit the lead, 9-5. However, Jenny Roberts struck back, winning the following six ends to be back in front 14-9. There were some excellent bowls played by both, but Jenny Roberts kept up the pressure with very accurate draw bowling to keep extending her lead, closing out the match 25-13.


14 May 2021

Region 15 Triples winners Virginia Longfellow (skip), Susan Laidlaw and Benita Andrews (Harbord)

In brilliant sunshine but a chilly wind, the North Shore and Manly-Warringah District Triples Champions took to the green at Belrose in the Region 15 Play-Off. In the opening third of the match, the Neutral Bay team of Elizabeth Blackwell, Jenny Palmer and Jenny Hepburn found the pace of the green better than Harbord’s Benita Andrews, Susan Laidlaw and Virginia Longfellow. In particular, Elizabeth was consistently putting both Lead bowls within a foot of the jack, keeping Harbord under pressure. With the score 8-3 in “The Bay’s” favour, on the 7th end Harbord Skip Virginia drove twice but her bowls ran through the smallest of gaps leaving Elizabeth’s two bowls as shots, 10-3. Another single on the 8th, and Neutral Bay were leading 11-3. On the 9th end, Elizabeth again had both bowls within 8″; however, this time Susan managed to draw the jack away and then draw a second shot. This changed the fortunes of the Harbord team, who then went on to win the next four ends as well, to level the scores 11-11. With Harbord again holding on the 14th end, Neutral Bay skip Jenny Hepburn trailed the jack with her last bowl for a pick-up of 3 shots, 14-11. But Harbord quickly struck back. On the 15th end, Lead Benita drew inside Elizabeth’s by-now-customary close opener to sit only a couple of inches off the jack. Jenny Palmer hit the target with her first bowl but the luck didn’t ride with her, succeeding only in locking the jack onto Benita’s bowl. With her second, she hit again and, although Harbord were still holding, the jack had been sprung out into the open; however, it favoured Harbord, with skip Virginia drawing another shot, 14-13. On the 16th, once again Elizabeth’s bowl was right next to the jack until Susan sat it through for a possible multiple. Jenny Hepburn managed to hit the jack back to one of her own team’s bowls, but Virginia drew within a foot of the jack, a foot short of the ditch, to level the scores again 14-14. By now, the spectators were on the edge of their seats! The 17th end proved decisive for Harbord: after Elizabeth had hit the jack almost out-of-bounds Benita drew right up to it, then Susan drew an equally-impressive second shot. Neutral Bay couldn’t convert the head and, on a measure, Harbord scored 4 shots to hit the lead 18-14. Another 2 shots to Harbord on the 18th end increased their lead and, although Jenny Hepburn played some lovely draw bowls over the closing three ends, Neutral Bay was unable to stop Harbord taking the match 20-18.

Region 15 Triples winners Harbord (right) with runners-up Neutral Bay.


7 May 2021

With both Districts in Region 15 behind schedule in the Open & Senior Fours this week because of wet weather, the finals of the Open Pairs for both North Shore and Manly-Warringah Districts were held at Belrose this morning, with the Region 15 play-off in the afternoon. The RPO was a repeat of last year’s Play-Off, with the Manly-Warringah team of Jacqui Morgan and Jenny Roberts (Seaforth) taking on the North Shore District champions Ngoc Hau & Louise Amos (see story below).

Killara was on the board first, but successive threes to Seaforth saw the visiting team ahead 6-3 after 4 ends. Over the following 12 ends, the opponents all played good, tight bowls, keeping the shot count down to only one or two each end. Every time it looked as though Ngoc and Louise were inching in front, Jacqui and Jenny answered back; however, by the 16th end Ngoc and Louise had a 5-shot lead 16-11. Then Jacqui and Jenny, who were last year’s winners, really pushed hard, scoring a 4 to go into the last end only one shot behind, and then picking up another three on the last end to pull off a come-from-behind victory.

It was a high-quality match which kept the spectators’ interest all afternoon.

In the Senior Pairs Play-Off, our North Shore Champions Di McBryde and Vicki Bartrop (St Ives) were up against Coral Lindley and Vicki Sawtell (Newport Beach). After an evenly-matched start to the game, the St Ives pair put together a string of shots in the middle of the game, to take the lead 10-5 after 10 ends. Newport Beach then scored successive singles, but St Ives scored again, to be up 13-7 after 14 ends. A three to Newport Beach then narrowed the margin to 3 shots; however Di and Vicki proved too consistent, winning 5 of the last 6 ends of the game, to win by 20-12.

North Shore & Manly-Warringah share Fours RPO honours

12 March 2021

A large crowd of spectators was treated to some great bowling at the Regional Play-Off of the Open Fours and Senior Fours today.

In the Open Fours, the Dee Why team of Jan Chad, Nannette Crawshay, Clare Turner and Sue McFadden were on the board first, leading 5-0 after the first three ends. But then the Neutral Bay team of Elaine Seidler, Jenny Palmer, Kate Wingrove and Jenny Hepburn picked up consecutive fours to take the lead 8-5. From that point onwards, Neutral Bay lead all the way: they picked up multiples and conceded only singles on their way to a 24-12 victory, and have booked themselves a spot in the State Championships.

Neutral Bay (left) took out the Region 15 Open Fours, over Dee Why

In the Senior Fours, the Belrose team of Lorraine Fevre, Kaye Alderton, Louise Hamshere and Patricia Tan were evenly matched at first against the Newport Beach team of Lyn Walden, Marie Barry, Coral Lindley and Vicki Sawtell, with scores level at 2-2 after three ends and 7-7 after 10. When it looked as though Newport Beach was pulling away, a pair of two’s to Belrose saw them trail by only one shot after 15 ends 11-12, and remain in touch at 13-15 going into the last end. But with Belrose holding match, the Newport third dragged the jack back about 1.5 metres to be holding four. Despite Belrose skip Patricia’s efforts, she was unable to extract the jack from its position and Newport picked up 5 to take the match 20-13.

Region 15 Senior Fours winners Newport Beach (left) with runners-up Belrose
Neutral Bay in jovial mood after being presented with certificates honouring their Open Fours win at Regional level.