North Sydney Bearettes win Weekend Pennant

1 September 2019


Weekend Pennant winners North Sydney Bearettes. L-R Louise Mackintosh, Michiko Treacher, Emma Brown and Anne Coleman.

The two Section winners from the inaugural Weekend Pennant competition, Neutral Bay Piglets and North Sydney Bearettes, took to the green at Forestville on a damp and very cold morning to see which team would emerge as our District winners. There had been more than 30mm of rain overnight but North Sydney got off to a good start, finding their range on the heavy green. On the 6th end, Neutral Bay’s lead Caroline Gracie put both her bowls within a foot of the jack, bringing her team into the match. However, North Sydney took control again and, every time Neutral Bay looked like scoring, the shots were taken from them. After the 10th end, the score was 13-4 in the Bearettes’ favour. Then the Piglets mounted a come-back to be only 6 behind after the 16th, with the score at 16-10, and it was looking possible that Neutral Bay could keep the momentum going over the final two ends. However, on the 17th end there was a display of great draw bowls from every one of the North Sydney players. The Neutral Bay skip Cynthia Palmer played firm weight in a bid to get the jack back to her team’s bowls, but had the bad luck to take out her team’s best bowl; the resulting 6 shots to the North Sydney Bearettes handed them the match 22-10. With the Bearettes’ Lead, Louise Mackintosh, having only been bowling for three months, it was great to see such a new player enjoying the sport and coming out on top! The Bearettes will now take on the Manly-Warringah winners at Turramurra on 14 September to decide which team will be Region 15’s representative at the State Finals at the beginning of November.


Weekend Pennant runners-up Neutral Bay Piglets. L-R Caroline Gracie, Bev Piper, Jenny Hepburn and Cynthia Palmer.