Mixed Pairs Champions 2020

8 March 2020

2020-03-08 171384066765..jpg
Anne and Steve Coleman (North Sydney)

Congratulations to Anne and Steve Coleman (North Sydney) who today won the 2020 Mixed Pairs Championships, then went on to take out the Region 15 title and book a berth at the State Play-Offs in August at South Tamworth.   Anne and Steve started the day with a District semi-final against Karen and Quentin Price (Asquith), which was a rematch from last years semi-finals, taking out that match in straight sets 6-4, 6-4.  In the other semi-final, Karen Lees and Garry Bradbury (Belrose) took on Midori Matsuoka (Neutral Bay) and Kenta Teacher (North Sydney). That match looked to belong to Midori and Kenta after the first set, which they won 9-1; however, Karen and Garry stuck to their game and took the second set 4-1, setting up a tie-breaker. One shot to Midori and Kenta secured them the win.

The District final, Midori and Kenta claimed the first set 4-2; however, Anne and Steve fought back strongly and, even with Kenta killing the 4th end, held their opponents to nil to take the set 8-0. Midori and Kenta had the mat for the tie-breaker, but after the leads had played their three bowls, Anne was holding shot and also had the best back bowl. Kenta’s last drive missed its target, delivering the win to Anne and Steve.

Meanwhile, in the Manly-Warringah matches played concurrently at Belrose, the semi-finals saw Annie Bowen and Allan Old (Manly) defeat Mary and Geoff Rogers (Harbord) 10-2, 5-5 and Brian and Chris Gordon (Harbord) defeat Trevor Beale and Delia Geddes 5-4, 4-3. The M-W final went to Brian and Chris Gordon in straight sets, 6-3, 6-3.

The Region 15 Play-Off was an excellent match, with great bowls from all four competitors and the advantage switching frequently each end. However, the Colemans carried off a decisive first set win with only four ends played; 11-3.  At the start of the second set, Steve asked Anne to place the mat at the “T” and roll the jack where she liked; she then drew within 20cm of the jack, but Brian moved it aside to sit 15cm in front. Anne’s last bowl picked up the jack, sending it and her bowl into the ditch, although over 1.5 metres apart. Steve drew a second shot 75cm from the ditch and, with Chris’s bowls running through to the ditch the Colemans picked up 2 shots. In the second end, the Gordons were holding a very close shot until Chris’s last bowl sent one of the Colemans’ bowls up and onto the shot bowl. A calliper measure by the umpire was unable to separate them, resulting in no score to either team. With the Colemans holding in the third end, Chris’s last bowl killed the end, giving the Gordons 2 shots on the respot; 2-all after 3 ends. One shot to Harbord on the fourth end meant the North Sydney pair needed one shot on the last end to draw the set and claim the match. It was a tussle, but Anne and Steve scored 2 shots for victory. We wish them all the best for the State Play-Offs.