2020 Rookies winner Dale Nuttall (Belrose) at left, with runner-up Sandy Glasson (Turramurra)

Congratulations to Dale Nuttall (Belrose) on winning the 2020 Region 15 Rookies Singles. The Rookies Singles is hosted annually by Manly-Warringah District and is normally a weekend competition; however, this year’s event was plagued with bad weather and the final was postponed to Friday 6 November at Seaforth BC. It was an “all North Shore” match, with Dale playing Turramurra newcomer Sandy Glasson. Both played excellent bowls but in the end Dale, who was a semi-finalist last year, came away with a solid victory 25-11. As Sandy will still be eligible for the 2021 Rookies, we will watch out for her then!