Senior Fours Champions 2018

2018-05-29 19.27.10 (2)

Senior Fours Champions 2018: Patricia Tan, Benita Andrews, Margaret Murphy, Lorraine Hazzard

Congratulations to our Senior Fours Champions for 2018. The semi-finals and finals were played at Asquith Bowling Club on Tuesday 29 May. As with the Open Fours, it was a Turramurra-Belrose battle in the final, with both teams having overcome teams from Asquith in the morning semi-finals. When the final began, it looked like an evenly-matched tussle on the green; however, despite the Turramurra team (all former Gordon players before that club’s closure six months ago) often holding shot during each end, when the scoreboard was updated it was all going their opponent’s way. After 11 ends, Patricia Tan’s Belrose team was leading 17-7; after 17 ends, the score was 23-10. With the lights from the neighbouring sports ground not reaching far enough across the green to cast any light onto their rink, it was probably a relief to all the players when Turramurra conceded after the 20th end, with a final score of 27-12.

2018-05-29 19.24.27 (2)

Senior Fours 2018 runners-up: Bridget Nelson, Catherine Ryan, Kay Miniter and Helen Stromsmoe (Turramurra)