Welcome to Asquith, winners of Versatility 2017

2017-11-11 21.07.26

Versatility 2017 winners Asquith were presented with the trophy by Joan Hodge.

Ten clubs participated in the District’s annual Versatility “Friendship Day”, held on Friday 10 November. This end-of-year event was held at St Ives BC, whose clubhouse renovations are really taking shape. When the teams arrived for the day, the room took on a decidedly purple hue, with the players really getting into the spirit of displaying the District colour; the jacarandas surrounding the greens were also in full bloom, adding more purple to the scene. Winners of the trophy, donated many years ago to one of our “ancestor districts” by Joan Hodge, were the District’s newest members Asquith, who were given a very warm welcome by the other clubs. The competition for “most fun-dressed” was even more intense than the bowls matches, and at the end of the day a panel of judges was treated to a parade by each team. With the judges divided about the winner, President Billie decided the casting vote should go to Joan Hodge, which resulted in Team St Ives being awarded the prize for outfits which proved they could “fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee”. What a day of friendship … it’s hard to imagine it could be topped next year!

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St Ives, winners of the prize for “most fun-dressed”


Neutral Bay

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West Pymble

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