Patricia Tan wins Singles

29 August 2016


Patricia Tan – 2016 North Shore Singles Champion

North Shore’s District Singles Champion, Patricia Tan (Belrose), will be on her way to the State Play-offs at Tuncurry in October, after defeating the Manly-Warringah Champion,  Jan Newell (Harbord) 25-13. Patricia won the toss and got off to a good start, then picked up several multiples and a full of 4 on her way to a 22-4 lead. Then Jan won another end, changed the length, and found her rhythm to mount a fight-back. But having already been “holding match” on a previous occasion, only to see Jan draw the shot, Patricia was taking no chances when holding 2 with a bowl still to play. In attempting to draw a match-winning 3rd, she got a small trail of the jack for a full count of 4, which Jan was unable to reduce. Patricia will compete at State level on 30-31 October.