Fun and games at 2016 Versatility


Best dressed team St Ives, with President Billie Maas

St Ives made 13 of our North Shore District clubs very welcome on Friday 11 November 2016 for the annual Versatility event (with Roseville and Warringah having combined to enter as “Rose-ingah”).  All participants made a terrific effort to add some purple to their outfits and the room was full of colour and cheer!  President Billie stole the show with her stunning purple witches hat and, despite some tough competition, Jan Woodcock, Kath Morrison, Sue Byrne, Rhonwen Martin and Margaret Ledbury from St Ives were declared the winners of the “Best Dressed Team” competition. Their tutus and fascinators were a hit on and off the green! Bowls was also on the agenda, and again the competition was strong.  The Neutral Bay team of Bev Piper, Gill Barton, Jenny Hepburn, Jenny Palmer and Dawn Spinks just scraped across the line to take the grand prize for the day!  Joan Hodge was on hand to present her Versatility Trophy to the excited winners.


Neutral Bay – winners of Versatility 2016 (and best glasses!)