Coaching clinics a success

The two coaching clinics supported by the North Shore District Development Fund this year were very successful. We had 42 players attend the Mosman Clinic on 5th May, and 41 at Asquith on 23rd June. A great mix of new and experienced bowlers came along. Everyone not only had a fun time, they learned a great deal about competitive bowls, no matter what level bowler they were! Many thanks to the head of coaching for WBNSW, Kathy Chatillon, and the many coaches from around the District who kindly assisted her. The sessions on the green were very well received, with participants enjoying the challenges set for them. When heavy rain set in during the Mosman clinic Kathy was undaunted, and continued indoors giving an extremely thorough, and sometimes very funny, description of the role of the different positions in a pennant team. Participants then retired upstairs to the billiard room to have some fun using billiard balls instead of bowls to consider the different alternatives when reading a head, and deciding on the best shot to play.  Thank you to both Mosman and Asquith for hosting these clinics.