Blind Bowlers State Championships


Guide dog Pedro trying to keep warm at the State Championships

Fred Pomroy and North Shore bowler Sandy White won the silver medal in the mixed pairs at the Blind Bowlers State Titles held at Soldiers point in August 2017. Fred is B1 totally blind and he led beautifully. Fred’s director is Pat Pierson from Roseville WBC and Sandy’s director is Helen Stromsmoe from Gordon WBC. The blind bowlers couldn’t be involved without these wonderful people who volunteer to help them so willingly.

The championships were challenging for the bowlers, with the wind making bowls travel straight and jacks with a bias straight bowls and jacks with a bias! Howling winds, hats blown away, mats blown away, people blown backwards and birds even flying in one place going nowhere. AND COLD – the blue state uniforms slowly but surely disappeared under extra layers of “any colour will do”.  Sunday was colder than Saturday so pyjamas under uniforms apparently became the order of the day (or anything else players could find – beanies, earmuffs, balaclavas, scarves and bowls cloths). ANYTHING to add warmth. They might be blind or vision impaired, but these bowlers are tough !!! Fred’s guide dog Pedro was even given a state jacket to wear,and he soon warmed up.

Everyone had a great weekend of fun, laughter and friendships, catching up with others from all over NSW. The volunteers from Soldiers Point were unbelievable in helping with everything, from being on the green freezing with us, marking, to organizing lunches, morning and afternoon teas, and even hot chicken soup.

If you are a current bowler who has failing vision, don’t give up, join a blind bowlers group. Bowls is only a small part of a group of great people. Look out for a “come and try” day at a club near you, or email Sandy White, President blind bowls NSW/ACT, at: .